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Waste Recycling Newsletter
  • Waste Management Market to Surpass $2.07 Trillion by 2031 | SkyQuest Technology 22 Jul 2024 12:30 GMT

    … to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste materials. As per the report … collection, transportation, sorting, recycling, and disposal of garbage via incineration or landfilling … of infrastructure High cost of recycling waste materials The following are the …

  • TerraCycle aims to recycle used malt sacks and save 70 tonnes of plastic yearly 22 Jul 2024 10:34 GMT

    … , ship, and recycle a range of hard-to-recycle waste that is generally … incompatible with traditional recycling facilities or … with a simple solution to recycle their waste malt sacks, helping them …

  • Can new technologies dissolve the plastic waste problem? 22 Jul 2024 11:37 GMT

    … posed by both chemical recycling technologies and mechanical recycling, dissolution technologies (sometimes … or mixed plastic waste that is challenging to recycle through mechanical means … this type of hard-to-recycle plastic waste would be the most …

  • Crisp Malt ramps up recycling efforts 22 Jul 2024 11:58 GMT

    … with a simple solution to recycle their waste malt sacks, helping them … , shipping and recycling various types of hard-to-recycle waste that are typically … not recycled through local councils …

  • Reshaping recycling: the complex quest for circular plastics 22 Jul 2024 10:49 GMT

    … other PET waste, for which alternative processes such as chemical recycling offer … technology enables unlimited recycling of all sorts of PET waste including material … increase recycling capacities. The EU’s recent Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation …

  • US Government Issues First-Ever National Strategy to Combat Food Waste 22 Jul 2024 13:07 GMT

    … to prevent wastage, increase recycling, reduce emissions, and save … prevent food waste, prevent food loss, increase recycling rates of … all organic waste, and support … donate excess food and recycle leftover scraps if they …

  • Transforming waste management sector through digitalisation in Nigeria 22 Jul 2024 11:00 GMT

    … has digitalisation impacted sustainable waste management at Mottainai Recycling? Digitalisation has revolutionised … our approach to sustainable waste management …

  • Decomposing ‘refrigerants’, a potent greenhouse gas, using industrial waste 22 Jul 2024 14:02 GMT

    … challenging-to-handle industrial waste. A technology has been … , is processed by waste gas treatment companies according … it is made by recycling industrial waste, there are no … manufacturing technology not only recycles waste to reduce environmental pollution …

  • Sandakan to implement waste rehabilitation technology 22 Jul 2024 11:43 GMT

    … aimed at reducing waste volume, contributing to recycling efforts, and promoting … . The 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) rehabilitation technology will be implemented … about significant improvements in waste reduction and recycling efforts in Sandakan. Also …

  • Increase in household waste collected in 2023 22 Jul 2024 14:02 GMT

    … Periode Residual household waste (kg ) Green waste (kg ) Glass … provisional figures. Household waste per person Periode Residual … household waste (kg ) Green waste (kg ) … waste to collection points themselves, such as a container or recycling

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