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    • Tornado Climatology

Tornado Climatology Newsletter
  • Staggering maps show how 'Tornado Alley' has dramatically shifted - are YOU at risk? 21 Jul 2024 04:37 GMT

    … Meteorology and Climatology has concluded that major tornado activity has … being shaken by the tornado. Lightning strikes could be … 39;s phones receive multiple tornado warnings. 'Captain … the time that another tornado struck Rankin County, southeast …

  • Climatological answers for a sudden and rapid derecho 18 Jul 2024 22:28 GMT

    … climate patterns. Iowa’s State Climatologist Dr. Justin Glisan said a … those few tornadoes, one F1 tornado dashed through the urban Des … information, visit

  • Here's what you need to know to stay safe during tornado season 17 Jul 2024 14:38 GMT

    … the third anniversary of a tornado that tore through a … to Dave Phillips, a senior climatologist with Environment Canada, technology, such … The advanced warning of a tornado is maybe minutes faster … a thunderstorm may produce a tornado. If you know extreme …

  • Could Wisconsin become part of Tornado Alley? 08 Jul 2024 11:18 GMT

    … colloquially as “tornado alley” still sees more tornado activity than any … Vavrus, Wisconsin’s state climatologist. The first ingredient is … required to create a tornado come together in the … produced Wisconsin’s first February tornado on record, Vavrus said. …

  • Tornado alley' has shifted eastward, new study shows 05 Jul 2024 13:46 GMT

    … of Applied Meteorology and Climatology concludes that tornado alley has shifted eastward … (tornadogenesis events, tornado days and tornado path length), tornado activity has shifted … trends in frequencies of tornado reports and tornado environments east of …

  • Ohio breaks tornado record already in 2024 01 Jul 2024 19:13 GMT

    … While the tornado itself was insignificant, this tornado now puts … thunderstorms. Indeed, a tornado outbreak impacted central parts … Climatologically speaking, the state of Ohio does not average even one tornado … and debris from a tornado. Tornadoes can now …

  • Ontario may now be Canada's tornado capital, researchers say 23 Jun 2024 11:36 GMT

    … according to new data by tornado researchers out of Western University … 2017 to gather data on tornado occurrences, said that earlier … said researchers look at the climatology of tornados over 30- … a little less in traditional “tornado alley areas,” a pattern …

  • Tornado Alley Shifts in the US as Twisters Spin Up Around the World 14 Jun 2024 21:44 GMT

    … throughout the world, leaving tornado records incomplete and conclusions tentative … Journal of Applied Meteorology snd Climatology. Traditionally, Tornado Alley is considered as … of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, since 1951 tornado activity has been …

  • oThongathi tornado the severest since 1999 14 Jun 2024 06:11 GMT

    … scale enables the classification of tornado events. The scale consists of … buildings are destroyed. The oThongathi tornado sits right in the middle … directly correlated to climate change, climatologists agree that these types of …

  • Ontario is now Canada’s tornado hot spot — and the season is getting longer 12 Jun 2024 19:18 GMT

    … development of a 30-year climatology of tornadoes from 1980 … the province with the highest tornado frequency. The Prairie province … 20 years, however, severe tornado activity has shifted later in … . “There was an EF3 tornado that went through Dunrobin (Ottawa …

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