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  • MY TAKE: Rising geopolitical tensions suggest a dire need for tighter cybersecurity in 2024 28 Dec 2023 06:32 GMT

    … to overlook. Infamous cyber opsattributed to Russia-backed hackers fall into a … accounts of Clinton staffers get hacked; disinformation supporting Trump gets widely … . Other milestone nation-state cyber-attacks include Titan Rain (China 2003 – 2006,) Stuxnet …

  • 'Volt Typhoon' Breaks Fresh Ground for China-Backed Cyber Campaigns 25 May 2023 23:03 GMT

    … geopolitical adversaries launching disruptive cyberattacks against key communications and … a 2005 operation called Titan Rain to steal US military … .  More recently, Chinese hackers stole 614 GB of … Zero-Day Use & Hacking Capabilities In recent years, …

  • The 5×5—China’s cyber operations 30 Jan 2023 05:13 GMT

    … its cyber footprint. The number of China-sponsored and aligned hacking teams … in the 2003-2006 initial Titan Rain attacks probing US and UK … -state actors conducting cyber intelligence operations. Less conventional, Chinese hacktivists have on …

  • How cyber warfare has changed over time 15 Nov 2022 22:11 GMT

    … to handle adversaries like neo-hacktivists, national militaries and spies. … our cyber warfare history include:  Buckshot Yankee Georgia  Estonia Titan Rain Titan Rain was … one of the most damaging to our cybersecurity efforts …

  • Cyber espionage remains a real threat to both governments and businesses 04 Nov 2022 11:28 GMT

    Cyber espionage examples Below you can find some significant cyber espionage examples: Titan Rain … Chinese military hackers constantly threatened … were also a part of Titan Rain and persisted until 2007. …

  • Our response to Russian cyber-attacks is feeble 10 Oct 2022 00:35 GMT

    … readers will be familiar with Titan Rain, Moonlight Maze, SolarWinds and WannaCry … — battles that write history. These cyberattacks have in recent years hit … most damaging, NotPetya, a Russian cybersabotage operation aimed at Ukraine in …

  • China Can Beat the U.S. Air Force in a War 29 Jan 2024 18:16 GMT

    … as 2005, during a cyber operation known as Titan Rain. They have had …

  • The wide web of nation-state hackers attacking the US 21 Apr 2021 21:10 GMT

    … name Titan Rain by the U.S. Since then, Chinese nation-state hackers … in line with nation-states, cybercriminals or hacktivist groups. For example, he … the Geneva Convention for cyberwarfare. However, a cyber attack that intentionally and …

  • Cyber Security 01 Dec 2020 18:53 GMT

    … founder and managing partner of Titan Rain Cybersecurity speaking on behalf of … organizations protect themselves from cyber-attacks. “Cybersecurity is also about risk … anymore.” He advises taking cybersecurity seriously, implementing preventative measures …

  • advanced persistent threat (APT) 07 Dec 2023 14:14 GMT

    … funded nation-state cybercriminal groups rather than individual hackers. Which techniques … 2003 when China-based hackers ran the "Titan Rain" campaign against … operations. Enhanced timeframe. While conventional cyber attacks, such as ransomware, …

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