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    • State Terrorism

State Terrorism Newsletter
  • UAE imposes life sentences on 43 defendants in second-largest trial in its history 14 Jul 2024 17:59 GMT

    … Joey Shea, UAE researcher at Human Rights Watch (HRW), said, “ … rarely criticises its atrocious human rights record. Abu Dhabi has … media propaganda about “democracy,” “human rights” and a “war on … upon mass murder, naked state terrorism and the suppression of …

  • Kashmir Martyrs’ Day: Kashmir’s struggle continues 13 Jul 2024 18:54 GMT

    … 1989, various forms of state terrorism have been part of a … . In order to hide human rights violations, communication services have … period. Western media, human rights groups and leaders of … Indian illegal measures and human rights abuses which keep on …

  • Madres de Plaza de Mayo human rights campaigner Nora Cortiñas dead at 94 31 May 2024 01:16 GMT

    Nora Cortiñas, the iconic Argentine human rights activist who campaigned tirelessly until … of missing and relativised the state terrorism committed by the dictatorship.   … a symbol of resistance and human rights worldwide. She participated in innumerable …

  • Milei government blocks reparation payments to victims of state terrorism 23 Apr 2024 15:15 GMT

    … payments to exiled victims of state terrorism during Argentina’s 1976-1983 … patrimonial reparation for victims of state terrorism,” said the Milei administration. “The … from human rights groups as to the number of disappeared under state terrorism and …

  • I ran for office on a platform of constructive engagement with the world 12 Jul 2024 18:25 GMT

    … for international law and fundamental human rights, severed ties with two apartheid … Iran but also engaging in state terrorism by assassinating General Qassem Soleimani …

  • India State Terrorism: Unveiling the RAW Operations 20 Apr 2024 23:08 GMT

    In recent times, the world has been rocked by startling revelations from an investigative report by prominent British newspaper, The Guardian. The report claims that the Indian government, through its secret intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis …

  • Argentina: Javier Milei’s government poses an urgent threat to human rights 27 Mar 2024 13:30 GMT

    … Secretariat of Human Rights have been sacked. Human rights, which … that equates systematic state terrorism with the violence … struggle to block human rights trials completely, certainly … state terrorism. It is still early days in Milei’s tenure. But human rights

  • CELS human rights organisation proposes 'Pact of March' to protect democracy 21 Mar 2024 19:46 GMT

    … statement, CELS highlighted how human rights were steamrollered during the military … of denialism and relativism of State terrorism.” “We have seen tributes … organisation and mobilisation, suppressing dissidence, human rights, state protection, a change of …

  • Israel's Right-Wing Wants All the Palestinian Land—and This Explains Its State Terrorism 18 Mar 2024 18:18 GMT

    The Israeli government’s “solution” to the Palestinian problem – eviction or destruction and colonization of what’s left of Palestinian land – did not begin after the October 7th Hamas raid. A November 22, 2023, article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz …

  • Exclusive: Turkey's Erdogan Blasts Biden's US Over Ukraine and Gaza 11 Jul 2024 11:29 GMT

    … is the gravest violation of human rights. The US administration, however, disregards … opened by double standards, disregarding human rights violations on a variety of … , Israel has engaged in systematic state terrorism in the Palestinian territory. Israel …

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