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    • Sri Lanka's Black July

Sri Lanka's Black July Newsletter
  • Forty One Years to Black July – Towards Meaningful Reconciliation 22 Jul 2024 16:28 GMT

    … violent events like insurrections, the Black July pogrom, the proscription of the … voices for effective reconciliation in Sri Lanka and convincing sceptics of its … . Impunity for state abuses continues. Sri Lanka’s history includes forced disappearances …

  • Failure to find a political solution to the Tamil question, a bigger shame than Black July 21 Jul 2024 03:28 GMT

    … of the 41st anniversary of Black July, though coincidental, have … watershed in ethnic relations in Sri Lanka. Incidentally, it was … important milestone in Indo-Sri Lanka relations and eventually paved … decades, as seen in Sri Lanka. Taking all this into …

  • My family’s “Black July” experience: A personal memoir 20 Jul 2024 10:50 GMT

    … Tamils in Sri Lanka. As a Sri Lankan Tamil journalist, ‘Black July’ did … decades I never wrote about ‘Black July’ from a personal perspective. … about my family’s ‘black July’ experience in our sister … safe and had “survived” ‘Black July’. We were blessed in …

  • Black July 83 – never again 17 Jul 2024 01:18 GMT

    … of “Black July” of Monday 25 July, 1983 which remains as Sri Lanka’s … with us throughout our lives. Black July, 1983 is seen as … militants and the Government of Sri Lanka. It is no exaggeration … to prevent the calamity of Black July. This conflict apart from …

  • Meta-Real: Provoking Thought on Reconciliation, Healing and Change 23 Jul 2024 07:05 GMT

    … memorial exhibition to commemorate Black July is showing at the … a reflective examination of Sri Lanka’s socio-political evolution since … to maintain upon returning to Sri Lanka in 1989. This silence … context of conflict in Sri Lanka? The events of 1983 …

  • Shared Encounters from Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand 04 Jul 2024 11:15 GMT

    … and ethnic confluence from Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand. … academics and filmmakers from Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand. It … commonalities and distinct paths. Sri Lanka, emerging from decades of … tensions culminated in the Black July riots of 1983 during …

  • How 19 performers from six countries help bring this ambitious play about Sri Lanka to life 27 May 2024 00:29 GMT

    … leave Sri Lanka as a result of the 1983 Black July pogrom … Supplied) "Amma barely mentioned Sri Lanka," he says. … explores the linkages between Sri Lanka's political history … understand why my family left Sri Lanka," says Shakthi. …

  • Sri Lanka’s Tamils face arrest as they remember the dead 14 May 2024 17:20 GMT

    … arrest of four Tamils in Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province — when … 40 years since ‘Black July’, little space in Sri Lanka to remember the … since the end of Sri Lanka’s protracted war, its … two strikingly different narratives, Sri Lanka has made little progress on …

  • A Review of the play Counting and Cracking 20 Jul 2024 03:13 GMT

    Black July’—the event that drove tens of thousands of Sri Lanka’ … Thiru, who disappears amid ‘Black July,’ is played by Kaivalya … depicting Sri Lanka’s anti-Tamil pogrom, now commonly dubbed ‘Black July.’ … play also suggests that ‘Black July’ was indeed the …

  • What a Tamil Language School in Sri Lanka Tells Us About the Reconciliation Process 22 Feb 2024 05:36 GMT

    … truth and reconciliation processes, Sri Lanka has remained stuck.  With … anti-Tamil riots known as Black July. A mob of Sinhala … adult language courses in Sri Lanka. This inspired her to … truth and reconciliation processes, Sri Lanka has remained stuck.  With …

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