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    • South Pars Field (Iran)

South Pars Field (Iran) Newsletter
  • EXCLUSIVE: Assessing the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline: A solution to Pakistan’s energy crisis? 19 Apr 2024 23:49 GMT

    … 100km of pipeline from the South Pars gas fields to the Pakistan border. … cautioned Pakistan against importing gas from Iran, as it … warned against viewing Iranian gas as a panacea for … considerations and linked to global oil prices”. Pakistan should instead …

  • Oil Prices Slip as Investors Eye Israel's Response to Iran Strike 19 Apr 2024 01:17 GMT

    Iran's South Pars oil field Oil prices have experienced a slight … will determine its impact on oil markets and the global … one-quarter of global maritime oil trade passes daily. Tamvakis warned … the country's oil exports following the weekend air …

  • What if Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz – the World’s most important Oil Artery? 17 Apr 2024 17:36 GMT

    … that connects the vast oil and gas deposits in the Persian … oil reserves, as well as the world’s largest natural gas field, the South Pars … United Arab Emirates draw oil and gas in the Gulf. … Saudis built an oil pipeline between the oil fields along the Persian …

  • From proxies to gas pumps, Israel’s retaliation could hit Iran in myriad ways 16 Apr 2024 23:08 GMT

    … strike on an Iranian oil field could be a possibility, … of extensive casualties. The fields are largely unprotected, according … on infrastructure ranging from gas stations to industrial plants … natural gas refinery is visible at the South Pars gas field on the …

  • Iran’s yearly liquefied petroleum gas export surges by 28 percent 07 Apr 2024 10:11 GMT

    … leading supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in West Asia, witnessing … production from Iran's South Pars gas field, coupled with expanded shipping capacity … their fleet of very large gas carriers. These developments have enabled …

  • Iran’s Natural Gas Consumption Increases While Production Continues to Stagnate 06 Apr 2024 14:54 GMT

    … country’s oil field reserves unextractable. Compensating for the country’s gas consumption … through reduced exports and gas injection into oil fields comes at a time … million cubic meters of gas. Phase 11 of South Pars, which was launched …

  • Iran reports significant increase in gas consumption 04 Apr 2024 12:13 GMT

    … cubic meters of gas. Interestingly, gas consumption in household, … relies on its vast South Pars gas field, shared with Qatar in … for its natural gas supply. The field covers a substantial … 39;s natural gas reserves, the South Pars field is also believed …

  • To build or not to build — the Iran pipeline conundrum 20 Apr 2024 08:35 GMT

    … 100km of pipeline from the South Pars gas fields to the Pakistan border. … cautioned Pakistan against importing gas from Iran, as it … warns against viewing Iranian gas as a panacea for … and linked to global oil prices“. Published in collaboration …

  • Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline: Regional Energy Cooperation 02 Apr 2024 19:41 GMT

    … transporting natural gas from Iran’s South Pars field to Karachi, … disruptions. Notably, natural gas assumes paramount importance in … the country’s major gas fields located in Sui, … domestic gas production is further complemented by minor fields dispersed …

  • Iran Signs Contracts for South Pars Gas Field Pressure-Boosting Project 13 Mar 2024 16:08 GMT

    Oil and Gas Company, a subsidiary of the Iranian Oil Ministry, and Petropars, Oil … logistics, are operating in the South Pars gas field and 14 pressure-boosting platforms … , the oil minister said, adding that extraction from the joint field will …

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