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    • Rwandan Genocide

Rwandan Genocide Newsletter
  • Kagame’s landslide Rwanda vote victory confirmed: final results 23 Jul 2024 11:48 GMT

    Rwanda — Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s crushing … then president since the 1994 genocide. Only two candidates were authorised … the parliamentary elections, the ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) and its …

  • Kagame's landslide victory confirmed in Rwandan election 23 Jul 2024 09:35 GMT

    … the hills overlooking Kigali, Rwanda, Friday, July 12, 2024. … BRIAN INGANGA / AP Rwandan President Paul Kagame's … president since the 1994 genocide. Only two candidates were … elections, the ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) and …

  • Nakivale (Uganda): suspicion between the Burundian and Rwandan communities 23 Jul 2024 01:18 GMT

    … His community accuses a Rwandan village chief of plotting against … on July 16. “The Rwandan leader complained that this … year, Rwandans, mainly Hutus who fled after the genocide against the … Burundian community leader. “The Rwandans are still in their …

  • Rwanda confirms Kagame’s landslide win with 99.2% of vote 23 Jul 2024 01:09 GMT

    … at 07:20 KIGALI - Rwanda';s President Paul Kagame … the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, who got 0.5% of … Rwanda since 1994, when he led a rebel army that ended a genocide … power until 2034. Paul Kagame, Rwanda';s president, gestures as …

  • Rwanda’s packed prisons and genocide ideology law 22 Jul 2024 23:30 GMT

    … Understanding of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.” Professor Stam’s passport … received history of the Rwanda Genocide – but said that … of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. The “Double Genocide Theory” is the … as the massacres continued and · current Rwandan President Paul …

  • Rwanda's electoral commission confirms Kagame's re-election 22 Jul 2024 22:19 GMT

    … opposition Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, and Philippe Mpayimana, an independent … the bicameral national legislature of Rwanda. Besides representatives from political parties … people were killed in the genocide. Kagame won the 2017 election …

  • Landslide victory confirmed for Kagame in Rwanda presidential election 22 Jul 2024 22:05 GMT

    … in the presidential election in Rwanda. With all votes counted, … has, in practice, been leading Rwanda since 1994. Back then, … as leader of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), he marched … into Rwanda from exile in Uganda and ended the genocide of …

  • Sewilam outlines Egypt’s commitment to Rwanda, Nile Basin at Liberation Day event 22 Jul 2024 21:44 GMT

    … president’s congratulations to Rwandan President Paul Kagame on … the Rwandan Patriotic Front in ending the tragic 1994 Genocide … cooperation between Egypt and Rwanda in political, economic, cultural … Sea, a project involving Rwanda. Egypt recently sent a …

  • Global learning creates connections in Rwanda 22 Jul 2024 18:38 GMT

    … One of the major challenges Rwanda faces is transportation. The … 2019 Attend University of Rwanda research symposium Train nurses … projects Tour the Kigali Genocide Museum Aside from the … publish alongside some of our Rwandan colleagues. We collected data …

  • Discover Rwanda –the land of a thousand hills and a million smiles 22 Jul 2024 09:02 GMT

    … of course: Rwanda is committed to fighting the ideology of genocide. Visitors … Genocide against the Tutsi. It can be a moving experience showcasing Rwanda … ’s journey towards peace and reconciliation. The Kigali Genocide Memorial …

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