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Reproductive Rights Newsletter
  • Rachel O’Leary Carmona on the Women’s March on the RNC 14 Jul 2024 18:46 GMT

    … American democracy or fundamental reproductive rights for women that catalyzed your … proposal, seeing a competent woman, who had been the … issues politicize different people. Women, who come from various … are very clear on reproductive rights. I recall a quote …

  • Charlottesville hosts statewide women’s rights conference 14 Jul 2024 02:03 GMT

    … . “Reproductive rights, economic justice, racial justice, constitutional equality, ending violence against women, and … general rights of what every woman deserves, which is very close … ’s especially important now for women,” said Callsen, D-Charlottesville. “ …

  • Russia and allies clash over women's rights and gender identity terms at UN 13 Jul 2024 17:11 GMT

    … concepts” around things like reproductive rights. Diplomats and others have … the reference to women’s and girls’ “right to bodily … to remove references to women’s “bodily autonomy”, … in guaranteeing sexual and reproductive rights”. The rights council is …

  • Nevada U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, Colleagues Release New Report Highlighting How Overturning Roe Has Harmed Women Nationwide 13 Jul 2024 15:21 GMT

    … states is catastrophic for women across the country whose … restore reproductive freedom for all women nationwide.” This report isbased … a fierce advocate for women’s reproductive rights. Last month, she … . She’s championed the Women’s Health Protection Act  …

  • Women, Gender Rights Resist Pushback At UN, For Now 13 Jul 2024 14:53 GMT

    … this week dealing with women and gender rights, despite … " around things like reproductive rights. Diplomats and others have … forms of discrimination against women and girls, and one on … in guaranteeing sexual and reproductive rights". The rights council …

  • Trump can't undo the damage he's done to reproductive rights 11 Jul 2024 05:02 GMT

    Try as he might, Donald Trump can’t blur the hard reality he forced upon American women. He vowed in 2016 to get rid of Roe v. Wade and succeeded. As a result, American women lost a half-century right to end an unwanted or dangerous pregnancy. Some of the …

  • The real Kamala Harris: Who is the woman poised to take over from Joe Biden and should America be worried? 12 Jul 2024 22:35 GMT

    … to become the first black female President in November. The … to become the most powerful woman in the world – if … was representative of the “little girl” impacted by his stance. … insiders know that abortion and reproductive rights have always been Harris’ …

  • Senate Republicans Block Yet Another Reproductive Rights Bill 11 Jul 2024 01:16 GMT

    … lawmakers' opposition to reproductive rights, U.S. Senate Republicans … the Reproductive Freedom for Women Act. Introduced last month … should be between a woman and her doctor," … are rightfully worried that reproductive rights are becoming extinct in …

  • OPINION: What women have gained — and what we stand to lose 12 Jul 2024 21:17 GMT

    … religious views that a woman’s only proper place … even the most accomplished female graduates were denied employment. … nearly 43% – are women, and women have held the highest … , abortion, reproductive health, reproductive rights, and any other term used …

  • Catholic women forge pathways of faith on Instagram 12 Jul 2024 21:00 GMT

    … publicly — standing in support of reproductive rights, marginalized people and fellow Catholics … "women" includes anyone who self-identifies as a woman, including … ways. Second, these religious female content creators embrace humility, welcome …

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