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    • Needles & Medical Waste

Needles & Medical Waste Newsletter
  • Medical waste cleared overnight from Jondoru stream: chief 04 Jul 2024 16:01 GMT

    … . The disposed waste includes used needles and expired drugs floating around … the immediate clearing of the medical waste indicates that the individual responsible … to researchers, improper disposal of medical waste can cause environmental pollution including …

  • John Tittelfitz Highlights the Critical Importance of Proper Medical Waste Disposal 27 Jun 2024 23:53 GMT

    … amounts of sharps waste, including needles, scalpels, and other instruments. … Impact Tittelfitz adds that medical waste that contaminates sewage systems … reduction systems represents a significant medical waste disposal technology advancement. These …

  • Medical waste storage legislation passed by Michigan House 27 Jun 2024 18:58 GMT

    (WPBN/WGTU) -- A potential change in state law could end up keeping a valuable resource available to people who really need it here in northern Michigan and help save health clinics tens of thousands of dollars. The legislation just passed the Michigan …


    … , staff and the surrounding community. Medical waste, which includes hazardous chemicals, human … Waste materials such as used needles, blood-soaked bandages and tissues … primary concerns associated with untreated medical waste is the potential transmission of …

  • Boston ends needle collection program that gathered thousands of syringes daily 02 Jul 2024 21:26 GMT

    … directed toward a different needle cleanup initiative that includes … Sharps Team also conducts needle cleanup, Yu said, … wheelchair, counting their collected needles. One of them, who … a medical waste disposal vendor. That bin full of needles represented …

  • TN continues to battle illegal dumping of medical waste from Kerala 31 May 2024 05:21 GMT

    … . The large-scale transfer of medical waste happens because segregation and treatment … with medical waste reaches Tamil Nadu. Medical wastes like gloves, used syringes, needles … are witnessing the dumping of medical waste from South Kanara (Karnataka) …

  • How Does Medical Waste Endanger Our Environment? 20 May 2024 21:07 GMT

    … harmful effects. Sources of Medical Waste Medical waste originates from various sources, … household medical waste, such as drop-off points for used needles and … Health Risks of Improper Medical Waste Management Medical waste significantly threatens both our …

  • Watchdog issues ultimatum on medical waste disposal 16 May 2024 21:34 GMT

    … of medical waste in the town. “We found what remained of medical waste after … ), medical waste is waste generated by healthcare activities, ranging from used needles and … radioactive materials. Mr Kissiwa said medical waste that has been improperly disposed …

  • Why a Pueblo judge has issued a restraining order against the city's needle exchange ban 08 Jun 2024 12:53 GMT

    … as syringe access programs or needle exchange programs ― prohibits Pueblo… medication such as nalaxone, and medical waste disposal for used syringes. … ban:Pueblo City Council bans needle exchanges in 5-2 vote …

  • One on One ... with Reed A. Omary, MD, MS 11 Jul 2024 20:54 GMT

    … pollution out in burning of medical waste, or from all of the … waste that comes from our needless overuse of plastic, and medical …

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