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  • The Future Of Cyber Espionage, The Uncomfortable Truth In The Near And Distant Future 06 Jun 2023 20:46 GMT

    … place to protect themselves to cyber espionage (countries, companies, individuals, … Studies (SAIS). His work on Moonlight Maze affected NASA, the Pentagon, military … Government of Ecuador. SentinelOne’s cybersecurity solution encompasses AI-powered prevention …

  • The Underground History of Turla, Russia's Most Ingenious Hacker Group 20 May 2023 11:44 GMT

    … professor of strategic studies and cybersecurity historian at Johns Hopkins University … the US, a multiyear hacking campaign known as Moonlight Maze. Given that history … term the cybersecurity industry uses for elite state-sponsored hacking groups. “Its …

  • Putin’s cyber Armageddon doctrine seeks to expand Russia's offense beyond battlefield 14 Oct 2022 12:34 GMT

    … or a KillNet hacker pulled the cyber trigger. Russian … Russian strategists conceptualized a cyberwarfare doctrine, which they … cyber operation code named by U.S. investigators as "Moonlight Maze … Security Agency, hackers staged a cyber assault with a …

  • Our response to Russian cyber-attacks is feeble 10 Oct 2022 00:35 GMT

    … be familiar with Titan Rain, Moonlight Maze, SolarWinds and WannaCry, but they … — battles that write history. These cyberattacks have in recent years hit … most damaging, NotPetya, a Russian cybersabotage operation aimed at Ukraine in …

  • Cyber Espionage and Information Warfare in Russia 03 Oct 2022 01:01 GMT

    Moonlight Maze attack. This was categorized as the first nation state sponsored cyber … the most prominent Russian hacking groups, as cyber espionage has become one … States government categorizes that Russian hacking operations are targeting the United …

  • Cyber Operations and Maschmeyer’s “Subversion Trilemma” 14 Jul 2022 15:50 GMT

    … almost any malicious cyber activity, including cyber espionage or simply hacking for fun … that “any cyber operation that produces effects through hacking relies on … campaign, or the earlier Russian Moonlight Maze espionage campaign, as subversion, despite …

  • Colorado School of Mines professor explains Russian cyberwarfare 25 Feb 2022 06:10 GMT

    … Ukraine. Davis speaks on cyberwarfare and its threat to … enemy countries can do with cyberwarfare. “Even more than … one of the earliest cyberattacks on a university happened … two-year Russian cyber-espionage operation dubbed “Moonlight Maze”. Intruders were …

  • Accidents and Escalation in a Cyber Age 22 Dec 2021 08:45 GMT

    … evidence, beginning with the Moonlight Maze cyber intrusions into military systems … category. Non-state-affiliated hackers, for example, could individually … after he was caught, hacked into U.S. … “the biggest military computer hack of all time.” Needless …

  • Ex-Defense Intelligence Agency Officer: Putin, Russia cyberattacks – get ready, there are many more on the way 15 Jun 2021 12:30 GMT

    … a multiyear cyber espionage operation, dubbed by US investigators Moonlight Maze, against systems … the use of cyber-criminals and so-called hacktivists to achieve the … Biden meekly called Russia-based hackers, speaks loudly and clearly.  Our …

  • Cyber Is the New Cold War & AI Is the Arms Race 10 Jun 2021 15:08 GMT

    … this arms race. From Moonlight Maze in the late 1990s to … real-world security implications. Cyberattacks are now constant and range … for human decision-makers. Cyber resiliency must not be … solutions architect in the cyber practice at Science Applications …

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