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    • Missouri Compromise

Missouri Compromise Newsletter
  • Post-‘Roe’ America is Akin to Unworkable Missouri Compromise 28 Jun 2024 22:57 GMT

    … thinker. Consider the subject of slavery, which likewise horrified and paralyzed … on the Missouri Compromise to presumably split the raging differences over slavery. You … America is living in a “Missouri Compromise” paradigm, trying to balance competing …

  • Davie man’s anti-slavery book helped shape ideas in 1857 28 Jun 2024 14:07 GMT

    … It.” The book denounces slavery in no uncertain terms and … in the Upper South, slavery had been dropping for decades … a slave territory under the Missouri Compromise, in the 1860 census, there … , and thought about a post-slavery South, and, more importantly … …

  • Charting a Path Away From Moral Decay and Slavery 10 Jun 2024 04:42 GMT

    …  for the eventual disappearance of slavery, Lincoln realized, had taken a … long-standing Missouri Compromise.  In a short period, instead of vanishing, slavery was … accommodation, compromise and tolerance accorded slavery proponents was bearing rotten fruit …

  • Missouri Compromise of 1820: Annotated 26 Mar 2024 12:01 GMT

    … ” on the issue of slavery, and the freedom of … volume,” understanding that the Missouri Compromise was at best a postponement … states, and to prohibit slavery in certain territories. Be … contemplated by this act, slavery and involuntary servitude, otherwise …

  • The origin of the Republican Party 16 Jul 2024 01:19 GMT

    … alarmed by the prospect of slavery spreading westward. “They believed … founded on the supposition that slavery would eventually disappear – they really … . The earlier Missouri Compromise had prohibited slavery in those areas. For anti-slavery Americans like …

  • The road from the GOP’s antislavery founding to Trump’s MAGA convention 15 Jul 2024 09:18 GMT

    … — that the spread of slavery in the United States was … when its leaders joined against slavery. He also described it … the earlier Missouri Compromise and allow for the expansion of slavery into western … , who had escaped from slavery two years earlier but was …

  • Iowa’s stand against slavery | The Gazette 25 Feb 2024 12:22 GMT

    … by the Louisiana Purchase, slavery was legal. As territories … when the Missouri Compromise allowed that state to permit slavery, but … Easton, knowing Mason’s anti-slavery stance and not wanting … future legal challenges to slavery and involuntary servitude, …

  • Investigating The Bible: ‘You shall not wrong him’: the subject of slavery 09 Feb 2024 20:07 GMT

    … of the Missouri Compromise of 1820, which had banned slavery in new … . Lincoln often said, “If slavery isn’t wrong, nothing is … of our nation. On slavery, the apostle Paul wrote … masters, should receive freedom. Slavery could also be entered voluntarily …

  • "Liberty at Stake" and Joshua Glover: Wisconsin's importance to the Republican Party 11 Jul 2024 22:17 GMT

    … too, was founded on anti-slavery and pro-abolitionist views. … Delavan held the first anti-slavery meeting in the state. … legislation. They opposed slavery and fought hard to … Missouri Compromise, which opened the Kansas and Nebraska territories to slavery, …

  • Nebraska should not be contaminated by slavery -- Wisconsin State Journal editorial from 170 years ago 10 Jan 2024 13:35 GMT

    … the Union with or without slavery, according to the desire of … by the terms of the Missouri Compromise, as the northernmost limit where … , uncontaminated by the presence of slavery, filled with that vigor which …

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