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Kimberley Process Newsletter
  • Diamonds no longer a girl’s best friend? Production hits 10-year low in SA 16 Jul 2024 13:43 GMT

    … 40% of South Africa’s diamond production, according to the Minerals … remains among the top 10 diamond-producing countries, contributing 5% of … the world’s diamonds. The largest producers are Russia … , according to 2023 data from Kimberley Process.

  • Russia cut diamond production 11%, exports 12% in 2023 - Kimberley Process data 03 Jul 2024 15:21 GMT

    … mining countries, according to Kimberley Process data. Russia's … of diamonds in 2023. AGD Diamonds also mines diamonds in … of Russian rough diamonds and polished diamonds weighing more than … as demand for polished diamonds decreased, India imposed an …

  • Russia’s 2023 diamond production surpasses Botswana despite sanctions  11 Jul 2024 17:26 GMT

    … impacting the country’s diamond sales. This growth occurred … of entities banning Russian diamonds and the US implemented … to statistics released by the Kimberley Process (KP) this week, Russia … currently undergoing an expansion.  Diamond mining giant De Beers …

  • Russia’s diamond surpasses Botswana 11 Jul 2024 16:18 GMT

    … hindered the country’s diamond sales. The growth comes … , according to statistics the Kimberley Process (KP) in its production … rough and polished natural diamonds will become mandatory on … grandfathering’ clause to exempt diamonds that were located in the …

  • Zimbabwe holds 7th rank in global rough diamond production 10 Jul 2024 12:23 GMT

    … to data from the diamond industry watchdog, Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, Zimbabwe has … its contribution in the worldwide diamond industry. Last year, Zimbabwe … the Kimberley Process (KP) recently. The value of Russia’s rough diamond production …

  • What's so special about De Beers diamond? How did it revolutionise the Diamond Industry? 09 Jul 2024 21:16 GMT

    … over the global diamond supply​​. Crafting the Diamond Narrative The true … (CSO), De Beers bought diamonds from various producers and controlled … implemented the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme to ensure conflict-free diamonds and established …

  • Diamond exports from Russia decrease by 12% to 32.4 mln carats in 2023 03 Jul 2024 10:39 GMT

    … earlier, according to the Kimberley Process data. Diamond production in Russia fell to … (128 mln carats). The Kimberley Process (established in 2000 in Kimberley … government and terrorist organizations. The Kimberley Process ensures control of export-import …

  • Africa: Sanctions On Russian Diamonds – Good or Bad for Africa? 25 Jun 2024 10:23 GMT

    … African countries to send their diamonds to Antwerp, Belgium, for … The Kimberley process Diamonds mined in Africa are already subject to the Kimberley process, which … ensures no “blood diamonds,” diamonds mined in …

  • For an unforgettable proposal, Blue Nile’s ethically-sourced diamonds are key 21 Jun 2024 18:55 GMT

    … and shine, to ethically sourced diamonds with true transparency through respected … also fully complies with the Kimberley Process, an internationally recognized system for … legitimate stones. Find the perfect diamond piece Competitive pricing, high-quality …

  • Sanctions on Russian diamonds: Good or bad for Africa? 19 Jun 2024 14:11 GMT

    Kimberley process  Diamonds mined in Africa are already subject to the Kimberley process, … which ensures no "blood diamonds," diamonds mined … Diamonds mined in Africa must go through the Kimberley process certificationImage …

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