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    • Vice President Joe Biden & Tax Policy

Vice President Joe Biden & Tax Policy Newsletter
  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris release their latest tax filings 16 Apr 2024 12:44 GMT

    … released the 2023 tax returns for President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala … income and income taxes. Among the other taxes the Bidens also … 908 in Delaware state income taxes and Jill Biden paid $ … income taxes while Emhoff paid $11,599 in income tax in …

  • What is Joe Biden's net worth in 2024? 16 Apr 2024 11:03 GMT

    Joe Biden is the 46th United States … and first lady Jill’s tax returns for the year 2023 …

  • Trump wants tax cuts for the rich. Biden's making sure voters know it 16 Apr 2024 13:48 GMT

    … — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) April 5, 2024 Biden also worked Trump's tax … their own taxes,” said one Republican Virginia woman. “The tax system is … up, percentage-wise, paying more taxes. I just want everyone to …

  • Biden to visit Scranton to contrast his tax plan with Trump's 16 Apr 2024 14:04 GMT

    … hours ago Bidens release 2023 tax returns, showing income of nearly … their taxes filed Monday, the White House released the 2023 tax returns … of President Joe Biden and first lady …

  • US: Biden, wife release tax return, showing $620,000 in income" 16 Apr 2024 11:57 GMT

    … story The 2023 tax returns of President Joe Biden and First … College. Additional earnings and tax payments detailed In addition … totaling $146,629. State taxes were also paid with the … of annually releasing presidential tax returns should continue unbroken …

  • Tax Day came and went without a vote on the child tax credit 16 Apr 2024 10:57 GMT

    tax credit retroactively regardless of whether families had already filed their taxes … who don’t file income taxes.  The impact was immediate: The … could enhance support for President Joe Biden. Sen. Chuck Grassley, the Republican …

  • Trump Again Refuses to Release His Taxes 16 Apr 2024 13:41 GMT

    “President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden … $146,629 in federal income taxes in 2023 after reporting income … Monday to mark the federal tax-filing deadline,” USA Today reports … that Biden has released federal tax returns during his public life …

  • Biden capitalizes on Trump in court and touts tax plan in Pennsylvania 16 Apr 2024 10:51 GMT

    … with his opponent sidelined, President Joe Biden is barnstorming it with a … in Scranton, the day after tax day, the president will … "lower billionaires' tax bills by millions of dollars … saying Biden has already raised taxes on the middle class. The …

  • Income tax isn’t the fast-rising monster. Medicare and employment taxes are growing faster 16 Apr 2024 12:33 GMT

    … ’t blame it all on Joe Biden’s spending while in office … period. Combine the two taxes and the tax burden on working has … they pay in federal income taxes. The tax rate that only goes … portion of both taxes as part of the tax because it is …

  • Biden, Harris Release Their 2023 Tax Returns 16 Apr 2024 12:23 GMT

    … their 2023 federal income tax return. After restoring the … sharing presidential tax returns with the public, President Joe Biden has … now shared a total of 26 years of tax … of annually releasing presidential tax returns should continue unbroken …

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