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Homosexuality Newsletter
  • This African country never outlawed homosexuality… until now 17 Jul 2024 23:18 GMT

    … -sex relations. “Henceforth homosexuality and associated practices will … LGBTQ+ identity.   Homosexuality has long been frowned … National Consultive Commission on Human Rights condemned the junta’ … acts and making “aggravated homosexuality” — engaging in sex …

  • Influencer-washing in Dubai: How human rights violations hide behind glamorous influencers 17 Jul 2024 04:57 GMT

    Last week, 28-year-old Roscommon native Tori Towey came home from Dubai after surviving a nightmare. Towey, who was a crew member with Emirates Airlines, had been living in Dubai with her South African husband. Towey’s husband became emotionally and …

  • West African country Burkina Faso to criminalise homosexuality 17 Jul 2024 08:37 GMT

    … and customary marriages. “Henceforth homosexuality and associated practices will be … saying. National Consultive Commission on Human Rights President Gonta Alida Henriette said … 30 African countries currently ban homosexuality, according to the International …

  • Burkina Faso moves towards criminalising homosexuality 16 Jul 2024 11:21 GMT

    … . The National Consultative Commission on Human Rights condemned the move, saying: “ … ’s national commission for human rights, said making homosexuality illegal “would be the … greatest violation of human rights and …

  • The rights roll-back is gaining momentum 17 Jul 2024 23:52 GMT

    … penalty for so-called “aggravated homosexuality”. Closer to home, in … countering efforts to undermine these human rights. This should include breaking down … forthcoming Gender Equality Strategy and Human Rights Engagement Strategy for LGBTQIA+ equality …

  • Congo’s national prosecutor orders crackdown on homosexuality 13 Jul 2024 23:30 GMT

    … is clear.   The concern of human rights defenders Rebecca (a pseudonym for … proposed a law to criminalize homosexuality in the DRC when he … introduced a bill to condemn homosexuality to penalties of up to …

  • Nigeria, homosexuality, and the Samoa Agreement 14 Jul 2024 04:21 GMT

    … and fulfil all human rights …”. Please observe the phrase “all human rights”. In Nigeria … the rights to abortion, masturbation, homosexuality, same sex marriage, right of … connection of this agreement with homosexuality and same sex marriage. They …

  • Burkina Faso's military junta: 'Homosexuality will be punished by the law' 13 Jul 2024 13:49 GMT

    … agreed on legislation criminalizing "homosexuality." He did not reveal … sentences will entail. "Henceforth homosexuality and associated practices will be … degrading [the country's] human rights and humanitarian situation." While …

  • Debate over pinkwashing claims spur strong feelings in Israel, US 17 Jul 2024 19:14 GMT

    … quot;Jihadi organizations are against homosexuality. They define us as … the Hamas takeover, which human rights groups stated was an … and social mores around homosexuality. The Palestinian National … penal code that criminalizes homosexuality is still in …

  • Burkina Faso junta takes a step toward criminalizing homosexuality 12 Jul 2024 07:07 GMT

    Military tribunal approves draft measure to prohibit same-sex intimacy Burkina Faso leader Ibrahim Traore (Photo courtesy of The military government of Burkina Faso in West Africa has adopted a measure to ban homosexuality, if the country’s …

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