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    • Buddhism & Human Rights

Buddhism & Human Rights Newsletter
  • Six Months of Wins for Human Rights 17 Jul 2024 22:57 GMT

    … ’s Commissioner for Human Rights called for a human rights-based approach to … officials responsible for serious human rights violations through universal jurisdiction.  … that were allegedly disrespectful of Buddhism. Amnesty International campaigned on …

  • Why Native Artists Are Reclaiming the Whirling Log 17 Jul 2024 22:43 GMT

    … across the world — manji in Buddhism, swastika in Hinduism. Specifically for … are used to justify what human rights organizations have named a genocide …

  • U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Says Myanmar is Being Suffocated 26 Jun 2024 22:13 GMT

    … for Human Rights, Volker Türk, spoke of the dire state of human rights in … week, “and the disintegration of human rights continues at breakneck speed.” Continuing … .  Representing an extremist interpretation of Buddhism, the Burmese military has a …

  • Exclusive insight into human rights achievements through the growth of young Living Buddhas in Xizang Buddhism Academy 18 Jun 2024 16:06 GMT

    … ... these are concrete embodiment of human rights, which explains that the greatest … survival and development are fundamental human rights.  The Global Times is launching … fully enjoy human rights in their daily lives. The Xizang Buddhism Academy in …

  • EU officials headed to China for human-rights dialogue as rare Tibet field visit planned 07 Jun 2024 16:59 GMT

    … also while stressing that Tibetan Buddhism should adapt to the Chinese … UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the human-rights situation in Xinjiang, underscoring … making big companies responsible for human rights and environmental abuses in their …

  • Human rights violations and repression tactics prevalent in Tibet: CECC 2023 report 13 May 2024 16:52 GMT

    … including that most pernicious of human rights violations, genocide.” New to the … Tibetans, predominantly adherents of Tibetan Buddhism. These restrictions included prohibitions on … the legislative mandate to monitor human rights and the development of the …

  • ASIA/PAKISTAN - Lights and shadows on respect for human rights and the life of non-Muslim religious communities 03 Apr 2024 19:35 GMT

    … legal cases. The report "Human Rights Observer 2024", published by … 26 were Christian. The UN Human Rights Council has also made recommendations … 'i cults, Kalasha and Buddhism), but the Ministry has …

  • The state of Human Rights for Minorities in China 19 Mar 2024 11:14 GMT

    … introduce the real human rights development in China, including human rights in Xizang and … Against Terrorism and Extremism and Human Rights Protection in Xinjiang。 Dechen Shak … reading the best Tibetologists that Buddhism was not only the philosophy …

  • Social Consciousness in Buddhism 06 May 2024 12:13 GMT

    … governments. The Dalai Lama lauds human rights and assures packed audiences that … handling. Most admirers of Buddhism therefore understandly rely on the … nh, engaged Buddhism just is Buddhism. ‘Saving the planet’, promoting human rights, protesting, climate …

  • China’s Plan to Turn Buddhism Into Communist Propaganda 05 May 2024 11:25 GMT

    … Tibetan lamas. Tibetan Buddhism’s recent spread presents … the Sinification of Buddhism.” To detach Buddhism from Tibetan culture, … government interference in Tibetan Buddhism might alienate its followers, … force for peace and human rights, but the position can …

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