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    • Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman Newsletter
  • Renowned Historian Explores the Legacy of Harriet Tubman in New Book 15 Jul 2024 11:09 GMT

    … surrounding the iconic figure of Harriet Tubman in her latest book … 'Night Flyer: Harriet Tubman and the Faith Dreams of … to free enslaved individuals. Harriet Tubman’s ability to adapt and … to rally support for the abolitionist cause. Tubman’s captivating …

  • Book excerpt: "Night Flyer," the life of abolitionist Harriet Tubman 14 Jul 2024 11:39 GMT

    … in "Night Flyer: Harriet Tubman and the Faith Dreams of … deliver it—became key to Harriet Tubman's tool kit … her with their lives, and antislavery donors to trust her with … deed.        From "Night Flyer: Harriet Tubman and the Faith Dreams of …

  • Touring statue of Harriet Tubman on display at North Country’s John Brown Farm 08 Jul 2024 22:27 GMT

    … - A new statue of Harriet Tubman, called “The Beacon of … Hope” Harriet Tubman statue for the first time. Brown was an abolitionist who … was supposed to or that Harriet Tubman was ill and couldn’ … , Tubman continued to fight. “Harriet Tubman would go on to keep …

  • Harriet Tubman statue unveiled in Lake Placid 06 Jul 2024 13:10 GMT

    … of Underground Railroad heroine Harriet Tubman was unveiled in Lake Placid … adjacent to the grave of abolitionist John Brown. John Brown … Executive Director Martha Swan said Harriet Tubman and John Brown were … of Hope statue of Harriet Tubman will be at the …

  • Harriet Tubman statue on display at abolitionist's farm in the Adirondacks 04 Jul 2024 06:16 GMT

    … 2024 — The sculpture of Harriet Tubman, "Beacon of Hope,… railroad, she met fellow abolitionist John Brown and the … Brown Farm while the Harriet Tubman sculpture, "Beacon … Auburn, NY. Photo: Harriet Tubman National Historical Park When Tubman …

  • The Many Lives of Harriet Tubman 02 Jul 2024 09:00 GMT

    … important figures.  Ad Policy Harriet Tubman in 1868 or 1869. … biographies: Catherine Clinton’s Harriet Tubman and Kate Clifford Larson … authenticity of Tubman. Harriet Tubman was born into slavery … add to her name: abolitionist, suffragist, spy, visionary, …

  • Celebrated abolitionist and activist Harriet Tubman’s secret history as a spy 29 Jun 2024 13:42 GMT

    … America’s $20 bill, Harriet Tubman hardly lacks in national … biography of the iconic abolitionist and activist hopes to … to bring African-American slaves to liberty. “Night Flyer: Harriet Tubman and … biography of the iconic abolitionist and activist hopes to …

  • Staten Island’s Best Dressed: Harriet Tubman Purple Hat Society, Inc. gala at LiGreci’s Staaten 27 Jun 2024 20:45 GMT

    … Tubman — the American abolitionist and humanitarian who was born … and kudos to the Harriet Tubman Membership and President, … Melville, President of the Harriet Tubman Purple Hat Society, Inc … Makeda Johnson enjoys the Harriet Tubman Purple Hat Society, Inc …

  • Sculpture honoring Harriet Tubman to be unveiled in Lake Placid 27 Jun 2024 10:35 GMT

    … PLACID, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The “Harriet Tubman – Beacon of Hope” will be … !, a nonprofit freedom education and human rights organization. The ceremony is open …

  • White Voters and Joe Biden; Harriet Tubman and History 26 Jun 2024 17:39 GMT

    … in the show: Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery and … [BREAK] Jon Wiener: Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery and returned … She became a powerful abolitionist speaker and then became … incredible religious inspiration. Harriet Tubman and many other enslaved …

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