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Google Chrome Newsletter
  • Google Chrome Users Can Soon Talk With Gemini Via Address Bar: Find Out How? 24 Apr 2024 02:44 GMT

    … of Google forging ahead with its newest AI assistant in Chrome (and … in February, during the time Google introduced an AI-powered ‘ … tablets.  In our observation, Google seems to have demonstrated a … part of a Chrome Canary patch, which is Google’s channel for …

  • Google delays cookie deprecation again: APAC adtech leaders respond 24 Apr 2024 05:46 GMT

    … ;s Office (ICO). Google previously delayed cookie deprecation … risk being partnerless when Google eventually phases out cookies. … Google’s latest delay in phasing out third-party cookies on Chrome … themselves with and pilot Google’s Privacy Sandbox technologies …

  • Google delays cookie phase-out following regulatory pushback 24 Apr 2024 07:36 GMT

    … internet traffic flows through Chrome, making it an important … spokeswoman said it welcomed Google’s announcement. “This … roadblocks from industry participants. Google first announced plans to … January, Google began restricting cookies for 1% of Chrome users …

  • Google delays ending cookies for third time: ‘We recognise that there are ongoing challenges’ 24 Apr 2024 06:43 GMT

    Google has delayed the end of third-party cookies in its Chrome … timeline back to beyond 2025. Google gave the update on “ … third-party cookie deprecation on Chrome” ahead of its first- … remaining issues. Under the commitments, Google has agreed to resolve our …

  • Google is doing what it does best: delaying third-party cookie deprecation, again 24 Apr 2024 08:20 GMT

    … -party cookies on its Chrome browser. It cited regulatory … – may unduly preference Google’s own advertising products … transition plan. “We welcome Google’s announcement clarifying the … safety, governance and transparency. Google disputed many of the claims …

  • Google Delays Cookie Deprecation For The Third Time 24 Apr 2024 07:21 GMT

    … metaphors until 2025, as Google has once again delayed the … in its Chrome browser. This is the third reprieve Google has given … give too much power to Google.  Google justified its cookie delay by … closely with the entire ecosystem,” Google said in its post. “ …

  • Google’s cookiepocalypse is delayed, again. 24 Apr 2024 07:25 GMT

    Google’s cookiepocalypse is delayed, again. … -party cookies in its dominant Chrome browser in 2023, no 2024 …

  • Google Delays Cookie Phase Out Once Again 24 Apr 2024 04:36 GMT

    … digital marketing industry, and Google’s competitors in the … party cookies in Chrome would negatively impact Google’s competitors, … adjust accordingly. Which, given Google’s alternative options, could … can learn more about Google’s cookie alternative proposals …

  • Google delays third-party cookie demise yet again 24 Apr 2024 01:51 GMT

    Google is delaying the end of third-party cookies in its Chrome … seemed inevitable. “We welcome Google’s announcement clarifying the timing … that process this year,” Google’s statement read. “Assuming … Google will get rid of third-party cookies in the Chrome

  • Google Postpones Phasing Out of Ad Cookies in Chrome Browser 24 Apr 2024 01:32 GMT

    … marketers track users, in its Chrome browser this year, pushing … conducting a review of Google’s practices. Google said it hopes … ecosystem,” the company said.  Google has been talking with publishers … as the Privacy Sandbox.  Google’s decision to phase out …

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