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    • Gaseous Waste

Gaseous Waste Newsletter
  • Leading Australian labs retested landscape products for waste companies after contamination findings 29 May 2024 15:07 GMT

    … by the practice of waste companies asking private … of contaminated products, some waste companies retested samples until … proposal – subsequently abandoned after waste industry pressure – to prohibit … of solid, liquid and gaseous materials for an enormous …

  • With filth everywhere, is zero-waste achievable in Nigeria? 31 Mar 2024 07:50 GMT

    … International Day for Zero-waste, IFEDAYO OGUNYEMI examines the … and poor attitude, inefficient waste management infrastructures, low investment … We also have liquid, gaseous and animal wastes that … food. “However, global waste management services are ill- …

  • Electricity from waste heat 20 Feb 2024 02:54 GMT

    … high energy yield: The waste heat is converted into mechanical … 900 degrees, where the waste heat is generated irregularly, … which contains methane and gaseous pollutants and must be incinerated … for the properties of the waste heat generated during pyrolysis. …

  • Intensifying the production of high-value compounds from industrial waste 01 Feb 2024 16:19 GMT

    … to the status of waste until now. Another waste turned public enemy … number one, CO2, is an industrial gaseous effluent … high-value compounds from industrial waste (2024, February 1) retrieved 1 …

  • Turning waste into hydrogen: a new path towards emissions reduction 29 Dec 2023 12:32 GMT

    … of municipal waste (and similarly composed waste) provides another … methods for thermal waste treatment: waste-to-X Alternative … liquid and/or gaseous components (‘synthesis gas’ or … , and challenges of waste-to-hydrogen technologies, Renewable …

  • South Korea to produce biogas from organic waste resources 28 Dec 2023 07:40 GMT

    … producers of organic waste resources to transition … that generate organic waste such as livestock … gaseous renewable energy source produced from raw materials such as agricultural waste … biogas production from organic waste resources has been completed …

  • Topsoe and Standard Gas to collaborate on waste-to-methanol project in the U.K. 30 Nov 2023 21:55 GMT

    … and methanol from residual waste feedstocks. Under the terms … Standard Gas to address waste management, which continues to … Gas’ visionary approach to waste management aligns with our … converting municipal waste to a valuable feedstock without gaseous carbon …

  • Untapped potential of solid waste 27 Nov 2023 19:17 GMT

    … beam house operation. The gaseous efficiency of fat is … annual production of Tannery Solid Waste, excluding CETP Sludge, … , Dhaka Tannery Industrial Estate Waste Treatment Plant Company Limited, … TSW byproducts management. Solid waste management in the tannery …

  • Recycling cigarette waste to produce green fuel 27 Nov 2023 18:28 GMT

    … to thermally decompose cigarette waste. The experiments were carried … are produced annually. Cigarette waste contains extensive amounts of … possibilities. For any emerging waste treatment technology to be … char, gas, and oil. Gaseous products can be used to …

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