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    • FARC Hostages

FARC Hostages Newsletter
  • FARC ceasefire boosts Colombia's peace push 14 Jul 2024 10:56 GMT

    … Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and headed by Ivan … escalate military operations and return hostages during talks that included … parts of Antioquia, where FARC offshoots have resurged, said Carlos … Its largest rebel group, FARC, inked a historic peace deal …

  • Colombian Rebels Holding Amazon Hostage In Peace Talks 24 Apr 2024 02:43 GMT

    … to a new type of hostage: the Amazon rainforest. By … conservation to decades of FARC domination. After the FARC disarmed, the EMC … group," said Ebus. FARC dissidents now rule large swaths … of 2024 AFP Experts say FARC dissidents earn millions by …

  • Gunmen hold journalists hostage during TV programme: What is happening in Ecuador? 12 Jan 2024 04:05 GMT

    Masked gunmen momentarily seized control of a public TV news station in Ecuador on Tuesday (January 9), on a day when multiple instances of violence were reported across the country.A day before, the South American nation saw the declaration of a 60-day …

  • Colombia cites advances in peace talks with FARC dissidents 05 Jan 2024 19:55 GMT

    … government and the largest FARC dissident group managed to … suspend kidnappings, free 10 hostages, and reduce clashes with … Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) - in October. It … the Segunda Marquetalia, another FARC dissident faction, while major …

  • UN urges the release of four hostages in Colombia 19 Dec 2023 17:21 GMT

    … four people reportedly being held hostage in the department of Arauca … ) and dissidents from the former FARC are fighting for territorial control … ), the main dissident group within FARC, have announced that they will …

  • Colombia’s illegal armed groups holding 91 people hostage: ombudsman 11 Dec 2023 17:42 GMT

    … are currently being held hostage by guerrillas and organized … victims they are currently holding hostage. The ombudsman also expressed … Central General Staff of the FARC dissidents are active, we … , is holding 38 people hostage. The recent kidnapping of …

  • Wartime hostages and armchair analysts 23 Nov 2023 13:24 GMT

    … a 50-year war with FARC that only entered a … for a peaceful resolution; many FARC were assassinated after agreeing to … violent actors, and stirred dissident FARC to take up arms anew … and eligible for exchange for hostages, was released on Wednesday, November …

  • I’m a hostage expert – making deal to release Luis Diaz’s dad can be done in HOURS…but getting him out is dangerous part 03 Nov 2023 13:40 GMT

    … the most dangerous part, a hostage negotiator has warned. Notorious … released soonCredit: AFP 6 Hostage negotiator Scott Walker thinks the … such as the ELN and Farc, there is often … Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc). Farc launched its guerrilla war against …

  • Pastor Alape, the former FARC guerrilla running for town mayor instead of Congress 25 Oct 2023 16:37 GMT

    … Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). By then he was a … member of the FARC secretariat — he had previously commanded … with deprivation of liberty and hostage-taking. The sentence to be … sailed when he joined the FARC in December 1979. On the …

  • Hostage-taking as terror tactic 14 Oct 2023 01:45 GMT

    … groups. It internationalised and routinised hostage-taking as a preferred terrorism … terrorists increasingly resorted to kidnappings. Hostage-taking attacks represent the following … release of hostages. Through the 90s and early 2000s, FARC in Colombia …

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