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Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD Newsletter
  • Looking back at the birth of Blu-ray 23 May 2024 16:51 GMT

    … and video-compression standards, HD-DVD and Blu-ray were different enough to be … . Something rarely considered is that Blu-ray and HD-DVD's extra capacity … Blu-ray. Following this, an HD-DVD CES conference was cancelled. The following month, HD-DVD

  • The History Of Blu-Ray: Everything We Know 21 Nov 2022 20:54 GMT

    … a challenge from the competing HD-DVD format, the discs produced with … Blu-ray players were released. Why Blu-ray Stands The Test of Time The Blu-ray … of the 4K Blu-ray format and the best Blu-ray players remain essential …

  • What Ever Happened to HD-DVD? 01 Oct 2022 11:09 GMT

    … what happened? Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD: The Technicalities Both Blu-ray and HD-DVD technologies were developed … audio bitrate for Blu-ray is 640 Kbps, while HD-DVD’s number is … content were possible on Blu-ray compared to HD-DVD. HD-DVD was developed by the …

  • Samsung is pulling away from Blu-ray players, as streaming dominates 18 Feb 2019 13:17 GMT

    … end for Blu-ray. Yes, it won the battle against HD-DVD, but … Oppo in abandoning production of Blu-ray players, as consumers increasingly … longer introduce new Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray player models in … series. Related: Best 4K Blu-ray players Add in the …

  • LG's new HDR Blu-ray player is the perfect buddy for your new 4K TV 04 Jan 2017 17:21 GMT

    … 39;s new UP970 4K Blu-ray player.  The UP970 is billed … as the first 4K Blu-ray player to support both … players that supported both Blu-ray and HD-DVD before Blu-ray ultimately became the HD … should anyone buy a new Blu-ray player when video streaming …

  • The Road To Mass EV Adoption: Three Barriers To A Sustainable Future 30 Aug 2023 15:51 GMT

    … remembers Betamax/VHS or Blu-ray/HD-DVD, this uncertainty may remind …

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