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    • Autistic Children

Autistic Children Newsletter
  • China’s autistic children flourish in programme 19 Apr 2024 05:32 GMT

    … than 7,000 children with autism. She has witnessed the autistic community flourish … better understanding of autism and learn about rehabilitation for autistic children, she visited … at the Guiyang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital. Now in …

  • New Resources Helping Autistic Children To Thrive 19 Apr 2024 03:14 GMT

    … advance initiatives that support every autistic child to reach their goals and … learning, participation, and wellbeing of autistic children and their families in Australia … the assessment and diagnosis process. Autism CRC CEO, Andrew Davis highlighted …

  • Launch of new resources by Autism Cooperative Research Centre 19 Apr 2024 07:00 GMT

    child, the right environment around that child to ensure that child … the National Autism Strategy. The Draft National Autism Strategy is … and services that their child gets are in line … community. So that autistic people and autistic children get the best …

  • Assumption High senior touches hearts with custom autism acceptance prom suit 19 Apr 2024 06:51 GMT

    … he said. April is Autism Acceptance Month. The recognition … raises awareness about autism acceptance and promotes inclusion … connectedness for people with autism. Social and community support … 1 in 36 children in the United States have autism. “It…

  • Hospital Employees, Families Unite to Celebrate Autism Acceptance Day 19 Apr 2024 02:35 GMT

    … in 36 statistic of children identified on the autism spectrum in the … , 1 in 36 children are diagnosed with autism, in a world that … makes each child unique,“ says Gary Feldman, medical director, Stramski Children’s …

  • Autism schools seek govt support 19 Apr 2024 01:56 GMT

    … centres gave to autistic children. According to, Autism spectrum disorder is … society where autism is associated with support. A child is autistic, not because … you must not compare any child against the other.” She reiterated …

  • Maury County first responders learning program to better assist residents with autism 19 Apr 2024 00:09 GMT

    … Tenn. (WKRN) — April is Autism Awareness Month. Emergency officials said … information about the person with autism who lives there. This … is to have a child with autism, but a lot of … automatically show where individuals with autism, who’ve submitted their …

  • The sad state of autism representation 18 Apr 2024 23:08 GMT

    … good autism representation in fiction? One of the most notable autistic characters … The Predator (2018). Rory, the autistic child of the film’s leads … a lot of good autism representation in children’s media. While it …

  • MBTA, kids on autism spectrum unite for PSAs 18 Apr 2024 23:14 GMT

    … SPREAD AWARENESS BY EMPOWERING CHILDREN ON THE AUTISM SPECTRUM. SO GENERAL MANAGER … spread awareness by empowering children on the autism spectrum with series of … spread awareness by empowering children on the autism spectrum with series of …

  • Hopebridge celebrates Autism Month with First Responders Day 18 Apr 2024 22:55 GMT

    … emergency protocol.  “Children with autism or even people with autism, can have … One in 36 children in the United States have Autism, experts explained … EMS wants to encourage children not to be afraid … community and letting the children see what we do …

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