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Apache Newsletter
  • Enabling Zero Trust in the Software Supply Chain 18 Apr 2024 13:00 GMT

    … critical vulnerability within the Apache Log4j software package that allowed attackers to … distribute patches to their software applications. Another major software supply chain compromise … needed, you should block the server from reaching the internet. For …

  • Apache HTTP Server Security Advisory Updates 17 Apr 2024 22:56 GMT

  • Configuring Apache Server on Ubuntu 17 Apr 2024 22:38 GMT

    … Configuration Guide Apache is a popular web server software known for … and website administrators. Installing Apache on Ubuntu is not a … that Apache is active either by accessing the server IP … to take effect, restart Apache: sudo systemctl restart apache2 …

  • Apache Maven Shared Utils Security Advisory Updates 17 Apr 2024 05:26 GMT

    … it received specially crafted input. Software Description: - - maven-shared … . Details: It was discovered that Apache Maven Shared Utils did not …

  • HTTP/2 Vulnerability: Protect Web Servers from DoS Attacks 17 Apr 2024 11:45 GMT

    … significant, ranging from server crashes to substantial performance … CVE-2024-31309 – Apache Traffic Server: Vulnerable to resource consumption … proactive measures:   Update Software: Users are advised to … upgrade affected software to the latest …

  • CloudNativePG Recipe 7: Postgres Vertical Scaling with Storage in Kubernetes - p 17 Apr 2024 01:49 GMT

    … log entry generated by an Apache web server. To use data warehousing …

  • Data pipelines for the rest of us 15 Apr 2024 09:57 GMT

    … Reagan. In open source software, however, it seems to … but rather about elite software engineering teams releasing code … cron scheduling, gifting us Apache Airflow and data pipelines- … influence on the project. Apache Software Foundation projects are, by …

  • DSA-5659-1: trafficserver Security Advisory Updates 14 Apr 2024 22:53 GMT

    … discovered that Apache Traffic Server, a reverse and forward proxy server, was susceptible …

  • 5 times Google failed to create a killer social media platform 14 Apr 2024 14:28 GMT

    … . Google’s penchant for discontinuing software and services is so common … handed over to Apache Software Foundation and rebranded to Apache Wave, which was … by Orkut Büyükkökten, a Turkish software engineer. Orkut was very reminiscent …

  • trafficserver 2024-b1e16b4335Security Advisory Updates 12 Apr 2024 17:42 GMT

    Traffic Server is a high-performance building … than just a caching proxy server; it also has support for … your response time, while reducing server load and bandwidth needs by … as forward and reverse proxies, Apache Traffic Server is battle hardened. Update …

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