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  • Foreign 'Undesirables': Who Are The Targets Of Uzbekistan's Incoming Deportation Law? 14 Jul 2024 14:54 GMT

    … territorial integrity and security of Uzbekistan, provoking interstate, social, … 30 human rights groups, mostly based in Europe and Uzbekistan… the eastern city of Andijon. Now a German citizen … citizen and researcher for Human Rights Watch, applied for an …

  • Problems of Medical Waste Disposal in Uzbekistan 25 Jun 2024 06:55 GMT

    … throughout the world. In Uzbekistan, treatment and disposal of … . This closed landfill “Andijon Special Eco Trans M. … equipment. Environmental Experts in Uzbekistan Concerned About the Problems … Malyshev believes. “Currently in Uzbekistan, medical waste must be …

  • China reaches deal on Central Asian railway project linking it with Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan 06 Jun 2024 15:50 GMT

    … determination”. “The China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Railway is a strategic … work with Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to build the strategic … , and his counterpart in Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, also sent … and ends in Andijon in eastern Uzbekistan. It could reduce …

  • Illegal energy usage in three regions of Uzbekistan leads to substantial financial damage. 04 Jun 2024 19:27 GMT

    In May, the illegal use of energy resources resulted in damage to the state interests amounting to 67 billion 825 million UZS, as reported by the Ministry of Energy. Photo: Ministry of Energy The "Uzenergoinspeksiya" under the Ministry of Energy, …

  • Farewell Barak: Uzbekistan Absorbs Kyrgyz Exclave As Part Of Historic Border Deal 23 Apr 2024 18:18 GMT

    … equivalent parcel of Uzbekistan's Andijon Province in exchange. … improved relations. Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan’s inflexible authoritarian president, … on Kyrgyz territory that Uzbekistan increased its control … years of no notable violence, and a stream of …

  • Uzbekistan records warmest January in its history. 03 Feb 2024 09:43 GMT

    Uzbekistan has experienced the warmest January … , Tashkent, Samarkand, Syrdarya, Jizzakh, and Andijon dropping even further to -25 … 200% above the norm. In Uzbekistan's flatlands, precipitation frequently …

  • Why Indian holidayers are heading to Uzbekistan 23 Nov 2023 18:10 GMT

    … the Kingdom of Fergana in Andijon, birthplace of the Mughal Emperor … organised a presentation ceremony on “Uzbekistan – 2030.” Attended by diplomats, representatives … the unique privilege of visiting Uzbekistan, these statements reaffirm the transformation …

  • Uzbekistan Turning Down The Volume On Islam 20 Sep 2023 12:17 GMT

    … discuss a vexing problem. Uzbekistan, said Prime Minister Abdulla … in the religiously conservative Andijon Province prior to his … legitimate theological debate -- outside Uzbekistan, at least. Given these … already been muffled in Andijon -- the same part …

  • Uzbekistan's Untouchable President And The Candidate Who Isn't 06 Jul 2023 14:55 GMT

    … with the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan (OEP) winning registration in … article had called the bloodshed “a tragedy that could … Rafael Sattorov called the violence triggered by subsequently scrapped … the way to the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva. In …

  • A Third Term for Uzbekistan’s Mirziyoyev 11 Jul 2023 02:35 GMT

    … a third term — despite Uzbekistan’s long-standing but … the slavishly loyal Senate.” Uzbekistan has five registered political parties … and Allaqulov was taken to Andijon, some five hours’ drive … reality of politics in Uzbekistan. Regardless of whatever positive …

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