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    • Zidovudine

Zidovudine Newsletter
  • Twice-a-year injected drug shows promise for first-line HIV treatment 19 Jul 2021 15:29 GMT

    … for people starting HIV treatment, the 11th International AIDS … mouth, for example a medicine taken by mouth. An … an oral regimen of dolutegravir, zidovudine (AZT) lamivudine (3TC) and … trial and there will be further studies combining it with other drugs

  • Covid Coincidence 12 Oct 2021 15:32 GMT

    … symptoms. Another anti-parasitic medication, ivermectin, has 20 … pill, PF-07321332 is also a protease inhibitor? Notably, Pfizer’s drug … of treatment? Is it a coincidence that the pharmaceutical … AIDS drug, AZT (zidovudine), was ramrodded through the FDA? And …

  • Dialysis Advocate calls for the Government’s intervention as medication cold chain breaks 19 Mar 2021 07:56 GMT

    … who has been on dialysis treatment since 2018, is calling … people receiving Zidovudine (drug used with other HIV medications to help control … been receiving her dialysis treatment two to three times … and the cost for treatments that have been disheartening …

  • Top 5 stories on HIV treatment and care in Africa from CROI 2021 23 Mar 2021 17:23 GMT

    … -line treatment, even in people with high-level resistance to the drugs … transcriptase inhibitor, which is usually zidovudine (AZT), which has more side … as HIV). Inability of a medical therapy to achieve the desired …

  • Dolutegravir superior to standard-of-care treatment in children and adolescents 13 Mar 2021 01:16 GMT

    drug for all adults, HIV treatment programmes can simplify the procurement of medicines … . In a clinical trial, one group may … In clinical trials that compare treatments, the treatment effect is … #47;lamivudine and 19% zidovudine/lamivudine. Participants …

  • African study confirms dolutegravir for second-line treatment and supports recycling of tenofovir 09 Mar 2021 18:19 GMT

    treatment for the first time. Inability of a medicaltreatment now take tenofovir, this means switching to zidovudine, … drug-resistance mutations, simplifying the process of switching treatment for treatment … in Africa (NADIA) trials: 48 wks primary outcome …

  • The Buenos Aires patient: Argentinian woman controls HIV for at least 12 years after stopping treatment 10 Feb 2021 13:04 GMT

    … viral load without daily medication. The chemical structure … an antiretroviral regimen of zidovudine, didanosine and nevirapine and … 500 cells. In 2013, doctors decided to investigate further, … The existence of post-treatment controllers was first announced …

  • HIV medication may lead to premature aging 11 Oct 2020 10:46 GMT

    … conducted by institute of Genetic Medicine at Newcastle University scientists, … A section of the drug known as Zidovudine, also known as AZT … kind to serve as a treatment for HIV. These appeared … exercise which looks like a remedy to lessen mitochondria damage. …

  • India won’t face stock-outs of antiretroviral medicine as result of Covid-19: NACO 07 Jul 2020 18:21 GMT

    medicine. “We will not face shortage as arrangements for drug … ensure that they get medicine supply during the lockdown,” … of these life-saving medicines. The survey predicted that … regimen of drugs for first-line treatment was zidovudine lamuvidine and …

  • Child with HIV maintains viral suppression for three years off treatment 18 Mar 2020 11:49 GMT

    … and she successfully restarted treatment. The material in … In discussions of consent for medical treatment, the ability of a … started an antiretroviral regimen of zidovudine (AZT; Retrovir), lamivudine ( … three months after stopping treatment -- and remained …

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