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    • Taishan Nuclear Power Plant

Taishan Nuclear Power Plant Newsletter
  • Coal, Ja Bitte, Nuke, Nein Danke: Germany’s Other Sort of Nuclear ‘Disaster’ is Unfolding 28 Sep 2023 09:07 GMT

    … shuttered its last three nuclear power plants, five lignite-burning ones … country’s 17 nuclear powerplants. Eight reactors were taken offline, … built the first EPR, Taishan I — the design has … 300 or so new nuclear power plants planned globally. Infuriating …

  • China involvement in UK nuclear energy not a security risk, industry boss says 04 Sep 2023 05:10 GMT

    … in under-construction power plant Hinkley Point … strategic roles in power plants. “It [CGN … power station based on a European pressurised reactor design. Similar reactors … are already installed at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant

  • Power plant profile: Olkiluoto 3, Finland 29 Jul 2023 05:10 GMT

    … a Generation III+ nuclear reactor developed by Framatome and … supplier for the nuclear reactor. The reactor system was supplied … and control systems for nuclear power plants. It provides engineering and … portfolio includes Flamanville 3, Taishan 1 & 2, …

  • China Partners With Russia To Build Reactor To Fuel Nuclear, Atomic Bombs 20 Apr 2023 04:43 GMT

    … 50 nuclear warheads. China claimed that its nuclear breeder reactors, which … China's Atomic Energy Agency signed a … management of spent nuclear fuel. The nuclear agreement was announced … 1,000 by 2030. Taishan nuclear power station in southern China AFP …

  • EDF Is Changing Nuclear Fuel Cladding Amid Report of China Issue 05 Jul 2023 17:01 GMT

    reactor building in the company's Tricastin Nuclear Power Plant … world’s most powerful nuclear plants. Article content … potential fuel issues. The Taishan-1 unit was halted … government advisory body on nuclear safety. EDF subsequently stepped …

  • A massive detector in China will try to find a supernova before it happens 26 Sep 2023 18:17 GMT

    … closer to home: nuclear reactors. The nearby Yangjiang and Taishan nuclear power plants produce neutrinos, and … kind they expect from the power plant, and compare to what they …

  • Delay, cost overrun plague new French nuclear power plant 17 Dec 2022 19:15 GMT

    … for France’s next-generation nuclear reactor at Flamanville, the latest … to restart dozens of nuclear reactors that were shut for … for the new European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) were not tolerating … Point in Britain and the Taishan plant in China have …

  • Finland's new 1.6-GW OL3 reactor starts regular electricity production 17 Apr 2023 20:17 GMT

    … -GW Olkiluoto 3 (OL3) nuclear power plant started regular electricity production on … noted rising support for nuclear in Finland reaching a … is operating since 2018 at Taishan in China with two … Germany's Konvoi PWR reactor concept, according to the …

  • Europe's largest reactor does on line as Germany ends nuclear era 17 Apr 2023 16:07 GMT

    … in Britain and the Taishan plant in China have … atomic energy use by turning off its last three nuclear reactors … gas and also from remaining nuclear power plants." But some have … In my opinion, our nuclear power plants are safer than the others …

  • Europe's largest nuclear reactor enters service in Finland after months of delays 16 Apr 2023 16:45 GMT

    An aerial view of the nuclear power plant in Olkiluoto, Finland. TAPANI KARJANLAHTI … Fingrid. The most powerful nuclear reactor in Europe, with a … in Britain and the Taishan plant in China have … atomic energy use by turning off its last three nuclear reactors

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