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    • Spent Fuel Rods

Spent Fuel Rods Newsletter
  • Back to the future? The hype around small modular nuclear reactors 19 Sep 2023 10:01 GMT

    … Loading The industry has spent the decades since trying … president of the Australian Nuclear Association. Advocates imagine … a nuclear engineer and director of SMR Nuclear Technology. Nuclear reactors … . The reactors contain fuel rods filled with pellets of …

  • Where will Australia store its nuclear waste? 12 Sep 2023 04:58 GMT

    … of nuclear reactors and is expected to include the decommissioned radioactive fuel rods from … the SSNs. In addition, Australia has had radioactive- … 100,000 years, encasing spent nuclear fuel in copper canisters to be …

  • Waste site: Govt reveals bill for dumped Kimba nuclear facility 11 Sep 2023 03:18 GMT

    … work for the nuclear waste dump and the Australian Radioactive Waste Agency … relation to nuclear stewardship, operational radioactive waste and dealing with spent nuclear fuel rods. Local News …

  • Bangor University to develop tiny nuclear fuel for future Moon bases 11 Sep 2023 02:33 GMT

    … is developing a new nuclear fuel for the Rolls-Royce … of carbon and ceramics. Unlike fuel rods, these particles are extremely … . Cutaway view of a nuclear fuel particleUS DOE The important thing … to the bottom, where the spent fuel is removed. Because the …

  • The Countries With the Most Nuclear Accidents 06 Sep 2023 20:53 GMT

    … toxic waste generated by spent nuclear fuel requires long-term storage … maximizing the use of radioactive fuel rods, the U.S. … 000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel annually that has … Kernenergie Archief – National Nuclear Energy Archive) archives, which …

  • How a Louisiana appeals ruling could impact nuclear waste storage in New Mexico 01 Sep 2023 11:44 GMT

    … license to operate a proposed spent-fuel facility in Andrews County, … for spent nuclear fuel away from reactors. What is spent fuel? Spent fuel is the highly radioactive remains … 000 metric tons of used fuel rods. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued a …

  • German nuclear phaseout leaves radioactive waste problem 30 Aug 2023 12:38 GMT

    … in the near future, the spent fuel rods — packed into specialized containers called … investments in them. At Ahaus, spent nuclear fuel elements and waste with negligible … A nuclear fortress In 1992, the first CASTOR containers with highly radioactive fuel rods

  • Activists criticize evaporation of radioactive waste water at Pilgrim plant 25 Aug 2023 14:50 GMT

    … the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which oversees the plant, said that radioactive emissions … of operation. The waste includes spent nuclear fuel rods and approximately 1.1 million … measured weekly to ensure its radioactive content complied with federal safety …

  • Events at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant since the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster 22 Aug 2023 15:14 GMT

    … releasing treated but still slightly radioactive wastewater from the wrecked Fukushima … still slightly radioactive wastewater from the wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant … TEPCO completes the removal of spent nuclear fuel rods from the No. 4 reactor …

  • Why a German nuclear power startup set up shop in Vancouver 18 Aug 2023 23:21 GMT

    … and where several nuclear power plants operate. … it comes to attracting nuclear physicists – the TRIUMF … fuel rods. Much of the fuel ends up wasted, and this leftover spent fuel is radioactive … company explains. “The nuclear fuel can unleash its entire …

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