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    • Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant

Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant Newsletter
  • Putting the Nuclear Genie Back in the Bottle 19 Jul 2023 18:07 GMT

    nuclear power plants. The first to be built was at Shoreham, … nuclear power plants proposed for Long Island were built. Further, the two nuclear reactors … powerful weapon than the atomic bomb, a thermonuclear … The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved its “ …

  • The 'Game-Changing' Technology The Nuclear Industry Is Betting On For A Revival 07 Jul 2023 09:50 GMT

    … up four shuttered nuclear power plants, taking over the … and Massachusetts’ Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, and revive energy … keep the completed Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant ― meant to … atomic reactors to serve as the world’s first floating nuclear power plant

  • Billionaire investor Křetínský and trader Vitol eye fortune in British power plant subsidies 05 Feb 2023 16:12 GMT

    … price to pay owners of power stations and battery storage facilities to … lost from retiring coal and nuclear plants at the site. … , Damhead Creek in Kent, Shoreham outside Brighton, and Rye House … unit at its coal-fired power plant at Ratcliffe-on-Soar in …

  • Should We Be Worried About Nuclear Waste? 04 May 2023 19:58 GMT

    … accident torpedoed the $5 billion Shoreham nuclear facility on Long Island and … a rosy picture of nuclear power. But nuclear reactors have other problems besides … if we were to export nuclear power plants around the world, we would …

  • Suffolk Closeup: New push for Long Island nuclear plants 28 Nov 2022 17:42 GMT

    … a major nuclear power plant accident at Shoreham, the first nuclear plant built … perfect knowledge of new reactor technologies and their unique … , noted Baran, a “reactor could be sited within a … in its regulations for “advanced” reactors. But, it said, “the …

  • Opinion: Nuclear power history offers Diablo Canyon warning 31 Aug 2022 12:55 GMT

    … Georgia.  Before that were Shoreham in New York, … that operating an existing nuclear power plant like Diablo Canyon provides … of 104) U.S. nuclear power plants – including San Onofre in … which has replaced many nuclear reactors with efficiency and renewable …

  • OpEd: Fight for a Green, Nuclear-free Long Island Continues 27 Feb 2022 13:56 GMT

    … go nuclear.  The utility applied to the U.S. Atomic … which stated “that a reactor such as Consolidated Edison plans … not one but three nuclear power plants at Shoreham, four to the east … Nine Mile Point Unit 2 nuclear power plant upstate — despite efforts …

  • Column: When farmers fought nuclear power, and won 01 Aug 2021 10:31 GMT

    … up a string of nuclear power plants along Long Island Sound, … any trouble with those power plants, if they would go … looking to erect two nuclear reactors in Northville (which the … a role in decommissioning the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant, wrote, “It was a …

  • From the archive: Shoreham plant opponent, Suffolk Legis. Nora Bredes dies 30 Jul 2021 11:59 GMT

    … the opening of the Shoreham nuclear power plant, has died after a … opening of the controversial nuclear plant, but also went … As organizer of the ragtag Shoreham Opponents Coalition, Bredes enlisted … . "Without Nora, Shoreham would be operating today,…

  • A look back at the Shoreham nuclear plant protest, 40 years later 04 Jun 2019 00:34 GMT

    … protestors filled Shoreham beach to rally against a nuclear power plant. The events … No nuclear power plant in Shoreham. Now, 30 years later, the empty power plant sits … : Protestors demonstrating against the Shoreham nuclear power plant on June 3, 1979. …

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