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    • Rare Earth Metals Magnet

Rare Earth Metals Magnet Newsletter
  • GE Renewable Energy and General Motors to develop rare earth metals supply chain 06 Oct 2021 14:37 GMT

    … develop a supply chain of rare earth metals and other materials to support … of heavy and light rare earth metals, as well as magnets, copper and electrical … for critical minerals such as rare earth metals and copper may outstrip availability …

  • US and China Battle for Defense-Critical Rare Earth Metals 22 Sep 2021 20:20 GMT

    … ) Terbium, used in magnets, is one of the … . Currently, extraction and magnet-making are centered in … China restricted exportation of rare-earth metals, the price skyrocketed, … collaborations. The production of rare earth metals is extremely complex, …

  • Rare Earth Metals Are Critical To Tech Sector And China Dominates Market 10 Sep 2021 11:37 GMT

    … dominance REMX is a rare earth metals ETF product Rare earth metals are a group of … energy path Rare earth metals are excellent electricity conductors, have unique magnetic properties, are …

  • Rare Earth Metals and the Quest for Renewable Energy 06 Jul 2021 15:42 GMT

    … shoot up. More and more, rare earth metals are being used in sustainable … and electric vehicles, via permanent magnets containing the metals,” according to … far the leading producer of rare earth metals, producing over six times more …

  • LG Innotek Developed the World's Strongest 'ECO Magnet' 15 Sep 2021 16:57 GMT

    … minimizing the use of heavy rare-earth metals. The eco magnet can help stabi-lize … performance limit of this magnet is 15kG. The magnetic performance of products … 'non-rare-earth magnet'; that does not contain rare-earth metals at all. CTO Minseok …

  • Hard single-molecule magnets: Tetranuclear rare earth metal complexes with giant spin 14 Sep 2021 19:11 GMT

    … particular magnetic hardness. The ingredients in this special recipe are rare earth metals … molecular magnet, the researchers combined the new tetrazine ligand with rare earth metals— … extremely efficient single-molecule magnets without the difficulties of …

  • How Magnetocaloric Materials can be Used for Cancer Treatment 13 Sep 2021 19:47 GMT

    … of developments in Magnetic Hyperthermia. Conventional Magnetic Hyperthermia treatment kills … severe side effects. Using magnetic forces through magnetocaloric materials, however, researchers … metal instead, since some rare earth metals are safe for use in …

  • Rare earth metals at the heart of China's rivalry with US, Europe 13 Jun 2021 22:02 GMT

    … crucial to the manufacture of magnets used in industries of the … then by 2025 manufacture the magnets that industry uses—as market … Europe's rare earth magnet needs by 2030 could be … the company. © 2021 AFP Citation: Rare earth metals at the heart of China …

  • Rare earth metals lie at heart of China’s rivalry with US, Europe 14 Jun 2021 04:19 GMT

    NEW YORK: What if China were to cut off the United States and Europe from access to rare minerals that are essential to electric vehicles, wind turbines and drones? At a time of frequent geopolitical friction among those three powers, Washington and …

  • Rare earth metals at the heart of China’s rivalry with US, Europe 13 Jun 2021 01:33 GMT

    A photo taken in 2012 shows a rare earth refinery near Baotou, China, the country dominating the global mining and refining of the minerals What if China were to cut off the United States and Europe from access to rare minerals that are essential to …

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