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    • NRA & Right-to-carry

NRA & Right-to-carry Newsletter
  • The Myth of the Responsible Gun Owner: An American Nightmare (Part I) 02 Jun 2023 09:13 GMT

    … keep their guns, and 22 let them carry concealed weapons, according to … National Rifle Association. So, according to NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre, “We know that responsible gun … that right-to-carry laws increased violent gun crimes by 29 percent and gun homicides …

  • Florida bill would remove permit, training requirements for concealed gun carry 30 Jan 2023 20:33 GMT

    National Rifle Association quickly applauded Florida’s proposed bill, with NRAgun? No. People who are otherwise outlawed from owning guns … of training, carrying weapons around. Groups like … Stanford University, studied right-to-carry measures, which allow …

  • Florida Moves To Enshrine Right-to-Carry With New Firearms Measure 30 Jan 2023 21:42 GMT

    The legislation has long been a goal of the National Rifle Association, which has successfully pushed for constitutional carry measures in 25 states. An attendee at a gun rights rally carries his gun in a holster that reads 'We the People,' on …

  • Florida leaders push to allow concealed guns without permits, training 30 Jan 2023 19:10 GMT

    … should be focusing on responsible gun ownership, which would include … 2019 study found that right-to-carry laws were associated with … to ban guns from their premises. The NRA backed the … the number of licensed weapons carriers has leaped from nearly …

  • Gun Bill Passes After Testy Debate 22 Nov 2022 01:45 GMT

    … additional modifications of current state gun laws.  The contentious … rejecting notions that holstering a weapon would be considered brandishing, … that states with lenient right-to-carry laws lead to increased … failed to address illegal guns in the hands of …

  • Ron Johnson Has Opposed Every Gun Safety Measure 08 Jul 2022 02:49 GMT

    … semi-automatic rifles are even assault weapons, he said … our rights to have guns and defend ourselves.… "anti-gun bureaucrats," supporting "right-to-carry," and … seven years, the National Rifle Association ("the NRA") has …

  • The Supreme Court Put Politics Ahead of Gun-Violence Prevention 23 Jun 2022 18:03 GMT

    … the NRA ramped up efforts to sell more guns to … of ‘dangerous and unusual weapons,’” as Justice Antonin Scalia … the most basic gun safety measures. Right-to-carry laws in red … million ad campaign by the National Rifle Association. Amy Coney Barrett supports …

  • Hochul Blasts ‘Outrageous' SCOTUS Decision on NY Gun Permit Law: Here's What Local Leaders Say 23 Jun 2022 16:25 GMT

    … our restaurants, with concealed weapons," the governor … and appropriate regulations for guns in public spaces … of gun violence plaguing our communities.” The National Rifle Association (NRA) welcomed … people.” “Decades of Right-to-Carry laws all across  …

  • NRA celebrates Supreme Court striking down NY concealed handgun license law 23 Jun 2022 16:47 GMT

    … executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, said in a statement Thursday … people." NRA SLAMS SENATE'S BIPARTISAN GUN CONTROL PACKAGE SAYING … citizens can safely carry guns. "Decades of Right-to-Carry laws all across …

  • Longtime Florida NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer retires 16 Jun 2022 23:37 GMT

    … based lobbyist for the National Rifle Association, is retiring after … the organization. The gun rights advocacy organization announced … for landmark fights, including Right-to-Carry, Castle Doctrine and … in Florida for the NRA-Institute for Legislative Action …

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