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    • NRA's American Rifleman

NRA's American Rifleman Newsletter
  • Browning M1919 .30 Caliber Machine Gun Is One Powerful Weapon of War 24 Sep 2023 01:54 GMT

    … the American Rifleman Staff as part of their “This Old Gun” … “The 1919 series machine guns maintained a reputation of being … meant “iconic”] and used weapon throughout American history.”  Where … Chris has been an NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor since …

  • Glock 41 Gen4 .45 ACP: This Gun Is a Big Disappointment 26 Aug 2023 03:52 GMT

    … by B. Gil Horman for American Rifleman, “Designers reduced the weight by … 5.31-inch extended, octagonal-rifled barrel, no cut out in … $478.33 used.” Impact Guns is currently selling one for … NPAF). Chris has been an NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor since …

  • .600 and .700 Nitro Express: The Ultimate Rifle for Millionaires 24 Aug 2023 01:39 GMT

    … Other gunmakers that produced rifles in the caliber included … ;H for producing the gun and cartridge. Ballistic specifications … As for the guns themselves, Joe Coogan of American Rifleman reports that … Chris has been an NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor …

  • Meet the Colt 10mm Delta Elite: The Ultimate Gun? 14 Aug 2023 17:02 GMT

    … the July 2015 issue of NRA American Rifleman, “Had the 10mm Auto not … advertised on the cover of Guns & Ammo Magazine and … Elite from the Vienna Arsenal gun shop in Vienna, Virginia, … hands to disassemble a defensive weapon.  Bottom Line: Yea or Nay …

  • 5 Best .38 Special Revolver Guns on Planet Earth 11 Aug 2023 22:12 GMT

    … , I don’t own any guns chambered exclusively for the .38 … First introduced in 1927, the gun went through three separate initial … 59-year run. As the NRA’s American Rifleman staff put it, “The … NPAF). Chris has been an NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor since …

  • Meet the Colt King Cobra: Best .357 Magnum Gun Ever? 06 Aug 2023 18:56 GMT

    … discontinued all of these Snake Guns at one point. Happily, … this particular species of Snake Gun. This time around, … John Zent, Editor Emeritus of NRA American Rifleman Magazine: “The new King … scene from the original Lethal Weapon movie was filmed) in …

  • 5 Best Snubnosed Revolver Guns on the Planet 22 Jul 2023 02:24 GMT

    … wear and tear on the guns. Ruger SP101. Image Credit: … “Colt .45,” this is the gun that arguably planted the concept … was. As stated by the NRA’s American Rifleman staff, “The Colt Detective … NPAF). Chris has been an NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor since …

  • Meet the 5 Best .41 Magnum Guns on Planet Earth 18 Jul 2023 08:58 GMT

    … . And many highly respected gun writers from Massad F. … Gil Horman, writing for NRA American Rifleman back in September 2014, stated … Repair Warranty; Red Bear Gun Brokers is presently selling … his “Tinker Talks Guns” website, gun writer Michael Tinker Pearce …

  • Meet the SIG 556R Rifle: SIG Sauer’s Refined Version of the AK-47 09 Jul 2023 23:30 GMT

    … other wildly successful and popular gun designs – the M1911 and … initial impression that the weapon is chambered for the … with the American gun-buying public. Fellow Gun Writers’/ … unnamed author writing for NRA American Rifleman in a June 2013 article …

  • Browning BDM 9mm: One Really Strange Gun 05 Jul 2023 17:01 GMT

    … Went Wrong?) Appropriately, famed gun writer (and former USMC officer … back in May 2019 for NRA American Rifleman titled “The Browning BDM: … -handed shooters struggle with guns that are just too … ). Chris has been an NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor since …

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