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    • Stuart Allen Roosa

Stuart Allen Roosa Newsletter
  • Larger-Than-Life Painting Of Apollo Astronauts Unveiled In Dallas 06 Apr 2019 05:18 GMT

    … -sized painting of 10 Apollo astronauts was revealed Wednesday night in … Dallas. Three of the astronauts attended the unveiling — Buzz Aldrin … -founder is Daniella Roosa, grand-daughter of Apollo 14 astronaut Stuart Roosa. This story …

  • NASA Moon landing SHOCK: Apollo 14 Moon rock sample came from EARTH - Not from space - 29 Jan 2019 19:06 GMT

    … collected by NASA’s Apollo 14 mission, which saw astronauts Alan … where it was collected by astronauts and bought back home to … Alan Shepard, Command Module Pilot Stuart Roosa, and Lunar Module Pilot … a Saturn V rocket. NASA’s astronauts spent a total of two …

  • Apollo Astronauts May Have Found the Oldest Earth Rock We Know On the Moon - 26 Jan 2019 11:55 GMT

    … said. This photo by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance … (1.6 kilometers). Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State … , whose environs Apollo 14 astronauts Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell … (The third Apollo 14 crewmember, Stuart Roosa, stayed in lunar orbit aboard …

  • Hello, space station: Seminole middle school students talk with astronaut 28 Sep 2018 10:09 GMT

    … who asked questions of American astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor as part … seventh-grader Barron Roosa, 12, whose grandfather Stuart Roosa was an astronaut. Stuart Roosa served as … space shuttle program, according to NASA. Barron, who was born after …

  • Legendary NASA astronaut, moonwalker dies at 87 06 Jan 2018 20:47 GMT

    … Picture Collection/Gett NASA astronaut Sally Ride (1951 - … /Getty Images) less NASA astronaut Sally Ride (1951 - 2012 … suits. Mitchell, Shepard and Stuart Roosa were the crew for the … H. Allen/Getty Images) less During training for NASA

  • PICTURED: NASA's last Apollo mission on Moon REVEALED 15 Dec 2017 11:13 GMT

    … astonishing pictures show scientist-astronaut Harrison H Schmitt collecting … December 7, 1972, shows astronauts Eugene Cernan and Schmitt singing … M Duke Jr. and Stuart A Roosa. Apollo 17 was the … by NASA and the University of Houston, one astronaut wore …

  • Irma Toppled NASA 'Moon Tree' From Apollo 14 23 Sep 2017 00:40 GMT

    Hurricane Irma toppled NASA's "moon tree… topple the tree, a sycamore. NASA had clocked hurricane winds at … storm." The center said astronaut Stuart Roosa, a former U.S. Forest … share the important history of NASA's Apollo program and …

  • Irma toppled NASA tree that orbited moon 22 Sep 2017 14:08 GMT

    … into space by Apollo 14 astronaut Stuart Roosa. When the Apollo 14 returned … , but were grown anyway. A NASA report says hundreds of the … complex continues to share the NASA story of space exploration.

  • Western View: The Moon Trees 12 Feb 2019 18:54 GMT

    … an Astronaut, moon trees are growing right here on earth.   Stuart Roosa, … pilot, then applied to the NASA Astronaut program.  He was selected … became one of the astronauts to go to the moon … NASA Moon Trees page. The chief of the Forest Service knew Roosa

  • This Day in History - January 31 31 Jan 2019 10:23 GMT

    … Cape Canaveral in Florida. 1961: NASA launches Ham the Chimp aboard … : Astronauts Alan B Shepard Jr, Edgar D Mitchell and Stuart A Roosa blast …

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