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    • NASA Gulfstream G-III

NASA Gulfstream G-III Newsletter
  • NASA begins final year of airborne polar ice mission 04 Apr 2019 17:19 GMT

    … year for Operation IceBridge, NASA's most comprehensive … 2019 springtime flights use NASA Wallops Flight Facility… will use NASA Johnson Space Center's Gulfstream-V. These … IceBridge and its predecessor NASA airborne campaigns have produced a …

  • NASA’s Oceans Melting Greenland mission still making discoveries 15 Mar 2019 06:46 GMT

    … challenges. Although he flies NASA’s Glacier and Ice Surface … (GLISTIN-A) radar on a NASA G-III aircraft each year, “It’s … them. A Greenland glacier. (NASA) The G-III aircraft and its crew are … based at NASA’s Johnson …

  • NASA's Greenland mission still surprises in year four 15 Mar 2019 14:40 GMT

    … Investigator Josh Willis of NASA's Jet Propulsion … GLISTIN-A) radar on a NASA G-III aircraft each year, " … The G-III aircraft and its crew are based at NASA… Greenland glacier. Credit: NASA Explore further: NASA releases new, detailed Greenland …

  • New NASA Technology Reduces Aircraft Landing Noise 17 Jan 2019 02:58 GMT

    … achieve the ultimate noise reduction, NASA researchers tested several different experimental … different airframe components of a Gulfstream III research aircraft, including porous … airframe noise reduction produced by NASA technology is definitely momentous, …

  • How NASA makes your airplane flights better than ever 28 Sep 2018 12:21 GMT

    … The Boeing Company Before NASA and after NASA's history with … future aeronautical technologies coming from NASA 3:48 Quieter aircraft Noise … on a Gulfstream III jet. Tony Landis One idea NASA's … noise level of the test Gulfstream III. So far, Khorrami …

  • NASA’s Grumman Gulfstreams 03 Sep 2018 11:52 GMT

    Gulfstream V (N95NA, top) and Gulfstream III (N992NA), flying by the San Jacinto Monument. Both are flown by NASA for a multitude of mission types from mapping to astronaut training—NASA image/James Blair

  • In the air with NASA: studying environmental change from 40,000 feet 31 Aug 2018 06:53 GMT

    NASA pilots Troy Asher (left) and Mike Luallen (right) fly a Gulfstream … Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is best known for … Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) that NASA is leading to look … activity and wildlife migration. NASA’s big strength is …

  • Why NASA jets were flying around Houston & Galveston today 28 Aug 2018 21:30 GMT

    HOUSTON - Three NASA planes were flying around Houston … to the agency. NASA said a Gulfstream GIII, a Gulfstream GV and a … aircraft are used for the NASA Airborne Science Program. The planes … the planes, click here. LIVE: NASA - National Aeronautics and Space …

  • GA pilots encourage to submit NASA reports on wake encounters 23 Aug 2018 20:47 GMT

    … . “… A few minutes later the Gulfstream was cleared to take off … feeling the turbulence caused by Gulfstream’s wake and I immediately … bank angles during the encounter. NASA also has a Callback service … a report at

  • Rocket Report: Japanese rocket blows up, NASA chief ponders purpose of SLS 06 Jul 2018 11:20 GMT

    … interesting comments from the NASA administrator about the future … rocket, launched from a Gulfstream III carrier aircraft, is … quot; Speaking of timelines ... NASA doesn't exactly have … long-term commercial solution with NASA partnership," he said. …

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