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    • Frank Frederick Borman

Frank Frederick Borman Newsletter
  • Apollo 11 astronauts took a lot of drugs for trip around dark side of the moon 26 Apr 2019 20:19 GMT

    … to NASA archives of the mission, the astronauts flew … flight data file compartment,” NASA explained. The space … lunar surface. (Video courtesy NASA) SEE MORE VIDEOS “ … astronauts’ recent health history aboard Apollo missions. Apollo 8 commander Frank Borman

  • PBS salutes NASA with Summer of Space 27 Mar 2019 14:16 GMT

    … Northcutt staffs a console in NASA's Mission Control … Northcutt staffs a console in NASA's Mission Control … in 2012.) Other speakers include astronauts Frank Borman and Bill Anders; Poppy … ,” on July 8, appraises NASA memorabilia in an episode called …

  • Former NASA astronaut says sending people to Mars "almost ridiculous" - Xinhua | - Xinhua 26 Dec 2018 08:34 GMT

    … -- One of the first astronauts to orbit the moon has … "almost ridiculous." Former NASA astronaut Bill Anders, 85, was the … . However, his fellow crewmate Frank Borman, the commander of Apollo 8 … ." The two former astronauts spoke to BBC Radio 5 …

  • Former NASA Astronaut Calls Human Mission to Mars 'Stupid and Ridiculous' - News18 24 Dec 2018 13:43 GMT

    … #39; comment came as Nasa prepares new human missions to … Anders, along with crewmates Frank Borman and Jim Lovell, lifted off … , the former astronaut was scathing about how Nasa has evolved since … shuttle, and vice-versa. Nasa really mismanaged the manned …

  • Woman recalls NASA job lifelong friendship with astronaut 24 Feb 2019 15:51 GMT

    … and memorabilia celebrating her astronaut friends at her Menno … gained a lifelong friend in astronaut Eugene "Gene" … Buzz Aldrin, Frank Borman and other stars of NASA and American history … at NASA and never, ever came in contact with the astronauts. …

  • China exchanged data with NASA for its historic Moon landing - Fox News 14 Jan 2019 20:13 GMT

    … director, Wu Yanhua, said NASA shared information about its … reached the lunar surface. ASTRONAUT DESCRIBES WATCHING THE MOON … country to have placed astronauts on the Moon, having … of historic lunar orbits, NASA astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill …

  • This astronaut thinks going to Mars is "almost ridiculous" 09 Jan 2019 16:34 GMT

    … former Appollo 8 pilot and NASA astronaut, recently told the BBC … motivates space travel."NASA couldn't get … shuttle, and vice-versa. NASA really mismanaged the manned programme … is nonsense," said Frank Borman, another astronaut who went on the …

  • NASA's 1st flight to moon, Apollo 8, marks 50th anniversary 28 Dec 2018 19:44 GMT

    … Old Testament reading by commander Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill … chances. A NASA director answered: 50-50. Borman wanted to get … 's National Cathedral. Astronaut-artist Nicole Stott said the … Washington's Logsdon, NASA likely would not have met …

  • Season's Greetings from NASA 2018 - NASA 25 Dec 2018 18:43 GMT

    … “north” for guidance purposes. NASA astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell, William Anders became … flight of Apollo 8, NASA wishes Season’s Greetings to …… :

  • Christmas in Space! Astronauts Celebrate a Special Cosmic Holiday in Orbit - 25 Dec 2018 15:49 GMT

    … ; a lot," NASA astronaut Anne McClain wrote on Twitter … on Dec. 25, 1968, NASA astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill … [Holidays in Space: An Astronaut Photo Album] While McClain …   Happy holidays from space! NASA astronaut Anne McClain (right) and …

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