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    • NAFTA Jobs

NAFTA Jobs Newsletter
  • Winning the New Cold War Against China 02 Oct 2023 18:05 GMT

    … in a new and robust North American free trade agreement (USMCA), encouraged companies to relocate … Xi, encourage companies to return jobs domestically and pass sweeping reforms …

  • Voter drive: Biden and Trump battle for blue-collar votes in auto heartland 30 Sep 2023 11:19 GMT

    … of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Democrats are “on the record saying those jobs are … ’re going to bring these jobs back,’” he added while acknowledging … stamping department. She has two jobs despite 17 years on the …

  • 3 takeaways from Biden, Trump visits to Michigan during UAW strike 28 Sep 2023 17:57 GMT

    … vote for him to secure jobs. Trump came to Michigan in … you will not have one job.” Drake Enterprises supplies parts to … on tariffs, taxes and the North American Free Trade Agreement. The more the United States …

  • Donald Trump: UAW negotiations ‘don’t mean as much as you think’ 28 Sep 2023 12:02 GMT

    … enough and would spur job losses for Americans. Trump … described as a “hit job” on Michigan and Detroit. … and Michigan lost manufacturing jobs. “Manufacturing is coming … Agreement, which replaced the North American Free Trade Agreement of 1994 that Trump …

  • Trump’s rhetoric can’t gloss over impact of his anti-worker policies 28 Sep 2023 09:23 GMT

    … negotiate updates to the North American Free Trade Agreement in 2020, Trump failed … 1,900 automobile manufacturing jobs, according to the Bureau … as those only count job losses prior to February … almost every automobile manufacturing job lost under Trump in …

  • Speaking in Macomb County, Trump blasts Biden, transition to EVs 28 Sep 2023 02:40 GMT

    … record in protecting auto jobs but the former president … toward stopping manufacturing jobs, including auto jobs, from moving out … S., including rewriting the North American Free Trade Agreement and putting in place … result in fewer auto jobs as those vehicles …

  • In 2024, it's still Donald Trump for president--and none other 27 Sep 2023 20:10 GMT

    … him inarguably unfit for the job at hand, there is simply … American history, renegotiating the flawed North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), or holding China accountable for …

  • Trump claims to be pro-worker. His record says he’s anti-union 27 Sep 2023 18:57 GMT

    … promised residents that manufacturing jobs would be returning to … 2020 update of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has long been … says he created auto jobs and that the Biden … comments about outsourcing of jobs and moving factories overseas,” …

  • China's Economic Problems Begin At The Top 26 Sep 2023 09:48 GMT

    … and faltering exports and provide jobs for the millions of unemployed … other countries, comparable to the NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement]," he said. Lee thinks …

  • The New American Way of Trade 27 Sep 2023 07:52 GMT

    … replace the failed North American Free Trade Agreement, then the biggest … NAFTA passed, the United States lost over four million manufacturing jobs … . To be sure, factors beyond NAFTA— … process of renegotiating NAFTA and overwhelmingly passing …

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