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    • Monticello Nuclear Power Plant

Monticello Nuclear Power Plant Newsletter
  • Xcel Energy names Chris Church new chief nuclear officer 28 Sep 2023 17:10 GMT

    … -on nuclear power plants.” The strong performance of Xcel Energy’s fleet at Monticello … ’s Watts Bar and Sequoyah nuclear power plants. He was previously a submarine … of our nuclear team’s performance, which positions our Monticello and Prairie …

  • Xcel Energy receives approval for additional storage at Monticello nuclear plant 28 Aug 2023 23:12 GMT

    … extend operations of the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant through 2040. … the importance of the Monticello nuclear plant to our shared … and South Dakota. “Nuclear power is crucial to achieving … -unit boiling water reactor powered by nuclear fuel. Xcel has …

  • The Monticello Nuclear Plant Leak Cover-up Keeps on Going 27 Aug 2023 21:37 GMT

    nuclear power plant explosions throttles full-speed ahead. Every aspect of this Monticello nuclear power plant … act to stop explosions! Monticello Nuclear Power Plant (Image by US government) … -frequency pressure transducers in reactor systems to measure any …

  • Monticello nuclear power plant approved to operate through 2040 25 Aug 2023 20:32 GMT

    … water leaks at Monticello plant for second … to power down the Monticello nuclear power plant on Friday to make … - Xcel Energy’s Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant received approval … the additional storage, the Monticello Plant would need to close …

  • Low levels of radioactive material found near Mississippi River from Minnesota nuclear power plant leak 21 Jul 2023 20:07 GMT

    … for the leak from its nuclear power plant in Monticello, Minnesota, announced on Thursday … , officials said in May. The nuclear plant is about 40 miles …

  • Xcel gets approval to expand used fuel storage at Monticello 25 Aug 2023 16:41 GMT

    … increased storage of used nuclear fuel at the Monticello nuclear power plant site, enabling the … of the importance of the Monticello nuclear plant to our shared clean … ; The single-unit boiling water reactor plant began commercial operation in …

  • Xcel receives approval to extend Monticello NPP’s operations until 2040 25 Aug 2023 16:12 GMT

    … the operation of its 671MW Monticello nuclear power plant through to 2040. With the … goal of reducing carbon emissions. Monticello Chamber of Commerce and Industry … .” Xcel Energy’s Monticello and Prairie Island nuclear power plants supply power to more …

  • State officials host emergency training at Monticello nuclear power plant 06 Jun 2023 22:25 GMT

    … U.S. states with a nuclear power plant must conduct emergency response training … practicing for a nuclear emergency at the nuclear power plant in Monticello. The site recently …

  • Emergency Drill at Monticello Power Plant 06 Jun 2023 11:55 GMT

    State and local officials will be taking part in a simulated emergency at the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant today (Tuesday, June 6). In a news release, the state Department of Public Safety says the annual drill will test the capabilities of federal, …

  • How the “Nuclear Renaissance” Robs and Roasts Our Earth 31 Jul 2023 18:16 GMT

    … Manhattan Project that built the atomic bomb. Heralded as the … to build old-style big nuclear reactors, financial experts have long … to do required inspections. Monticello and Prairie Island in Minnesota … hitting the Indian Point power plant north of New York …

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