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    • Millstone Nuclear Power Plant

Millstone Nuclear Power Plant Newsletter
  • The Nuclear Energy Trap 29 Jul 2023 07:03 GMT

    … complex and tightly coupled nuclear reactor systems. Such accidents … the reactor cores. Over the past decade, the Millstone … salt reactor design.” In conclusion, the Bulletin of Atomic … to go nuclear, are any modern “advanced” nuclear reactor designs worth …

  • French Nuclear Revival Hits Trouble as New Reactor Defects Found 11 Mar 2023 08:11 GMT

    … SA’s fleet of 56 atomic power plants has long been the backbone … it was more of a millstone. As reactors were shut down to … Cattenom-3 reactors.  So far, the company and nuclear watchdog haven … General Director of France’s nuclear safety authority, told Agence …

  • NE Edge proposes 1.5 million sq ft data center at nuclear power station in Connecticut 22 Feb 2023 17:06 GMT

    … host data centers at the Millstone Nuclear Power Station in New London County. “In … .1GW Millstone site launched in 1971; it is the only nuclear power plant in … Connecticut and the only multi-unit nuclear plant …

  • Nuclear Turns Fashionable 27 May 2023 05:01 GMT

    … radioactive waste than conventional nuclear power plants. Stanford and the University … is unknown currently. Nuclear power plants are extremely dangerous as … s fleet of 56 atomic power plants has long been the … more of a millstone. As reactors were shut down …

  • Nuclear meltdown drill focuses on mass decon, evacuation of thousands 15 May 2023 14:39 GMT

    … What would happen if the Millstone nuclear power plant were to meltdown? It … file photo shows the Millstone nuclear power facility in Waterford, … of the way American nuclear plants are designed – … always containing the nuclear material. “All of …

  • Energy rate hikes are weeks away. Off-shore wind is several years away. For now, Millstone nuclear power plant provides reliability 12 Dec 2022 14:14 GMT

    … deal with the Millstone nuclear power station in Waterford … the Millstone reactors have been upgraded so Millstone 2 … 39; The Millstone Nuclear Power Plant reactors, from left: reactors 1, 2 … Hartford Courant) Millstone history The Millstone power complex has …

  • This nuclear waste has been sitting in CT for 50 years. Could it finally be removed? 30 Apr 2023 09:45 GMT

    … a century, Connecticut’s Millstone Nuclear Power Plant has played host to … operators of U.S. nuclear power plants have been forced to … the former Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Power Plant in Haddam, which was … ’s third, and original reactor closed in the 1990s).  …

  • How the Millstone Power Station can help Connecticut understand the value of ranked choice voting  13 Sep 2022 04:35 GMT

    The Millstone Power Station provides over 47% of … It is Connecticut’s only nuclear power plant and it will help … supports this division much like reactors support nuclear fission.  To succeed in … wanted to repurpose Millstone to be a fusion reactor. We couldn’ …

  • West Hartford approves funds to prepare for a Millstone nuclear emergency 28 Jul 2022 18:35 GMT

    … for a radiological emergency at Millstone Nuclear Power Plant in Waterford. West Hartford, which … heating and cooling centers.” The Millstone nuclear power facility in Waterford. West … the event of a nuclear incident at Millstone. (Steve Miller / AP …

  • NE Edge Proposes 1.5M Square Foot Data Center at Millstone in Waterford 17 Feb 2023 03:00 GMT

    … center complex on its Millstone Nuclear Power Station property if the town … power directly from the nuclear plant, according to a … need in our state,” Millstone Site Vice President Michael … availability of space on Millstone Power Station property make this a …

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