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    • Sen. Max Baucus & Health Care Insurance

Sen. Max Baucus & Health Care Insurance Newsletter
  • Exclusive: How Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi pushed Barack Obama to go big on health care 09 Apr 2021 07:19 GMT

    … his losses on a comprehensive health care bill. Chief of Staff … That’s why Massachusetts senator Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi … Dakota and Finance chairman Max Baucus of Montana had adamantly … that made them unappealing to insurance companies. Some of those …

  • Abortion and the Baucus health care bill 03 Jan 2019 04:24 GMT

    … -anticipated plan for health care reform, Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus hoped to eliminate … would provide health care subsidies of a certain amount whether an insurer covers … people would now get insurance due to the health care plan, and some …

  • Your guide to distortions on health care 03 Jan 2019 04:31 GMT

    … will dump their private insurance to get lower health care premiums. Over time … an expansive government health care plan would drive private insurers out of business … they want to pay for health care. Sen. Max Baucus of Montana of held a …

  • 'Campaign Beat:' Dems Divided On Health Care; Changing Gun Control Positions; Why Money Matters 14 Apr 2018 05:31 GMT

    … 39; Dems Divided On Health Care; Changing Gun Control Positions … and remembering former Montana Senator and U.S. Rep … political influence of the insurance lobby, pharmaceutical lobby … Max Baucus made the deliberate decision to work within the existing healthcare

  • Sen Charles "Chuck" Grassley on the Need to Lower Prescription-Drug Costs 18 Oct 2019 19:38 GMT

    … 17, 2019) — Prepared remarks by Senator Charles "Chuck" … drug coverage through private insurers. Vice President Al Gore … recognize that. My friend Sen [Max] Baucus and I were able to … to new innovation in the health-care world. The Prescription Drug …

  • Public Option vs. Medicare for All: The Coming Debate Over Health Care Justice 25 Oct 2017 14:21 GMT

    … single-payer: Former Senator and Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus, for example, has … to private insurers -- and a serious concern to progressive health care advocates … acknowledgement. As Benjamin Day of Healthcare-Now! tells Truthout, the public …

  • Democrats Have Given Up on Private Health Care Markets — and for Good Reason 09 Oct 2017 12:34 GMT

    … co-sponsors, including every senator seen as a 2020 … to universal health care. Making regulated private insurance markets work … Back in 2009, former Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., spent weeks … a suspicious amount of maintenance outages during …

  • So now Max Baucus thinks single payer health care is an idea worth considering? 15 Sep 2017 00:25 GMT

    … U.S. ambassador in 2013, Max Baucus's last major accomplishment … #39;t apt to exalt Baucus' health care legacy. To them, he … years later, Baucus's baby has survived an insurgent single-payer … of single payer. New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker will co- …

  • Max Baucus, once a foe of single-payer health care, belatedly endorses it 09 Sep 2017 00:25 GMT

    … -generation Democratic Senate supermajority debated health-care reform, Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) kept their … a “government takeover” of the insurance market. “I’m appalled that … — one that would replace private insurance, essentially, with a national system …

  • Sanders Steps Up Push for Single-Payer Health Care as Old Foe Switches Sides 08 Sep 2017 22:43 GMT

    … for Baucus to come around. The former Montana senator told … Daily Chronicle reported. Then-Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) testifies during … insurance on the state-based exchanges. Now, however, Baucus … said it's impossible to ignore the American health care

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