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    • Lung Cancer & Quitting Smoking

Lung Cancer & Quitting Smoking Newsletter
  • AI Tool Predicts Risk of Lung Cancer 31 Jan 2023 14:11 GMT

    … risk of lung cancer for individuals with or without a significant smoking history … -year history of smoking, who either currently smoke or have quit smoking within the … never smoked.   Sybil was able to accurately predict risk of lung cancer across …

  • How common is lung cancer? 30 Jan 2023 12:24 GMT

    … of lung cancer cases. Some risk factors for lung cancer include the following: Smoking: This … how common lung cancer is. How common is lung cancer in non-smokers? In the … their risk, such as quitting or avoiding smoking, limiting exposure to secondhand …

  • Texas failing on smoking prevention, American Lung Association says 30 Jan 2023 16:46 GMT

    … by unfiltered secondhand smoke, which is leading to more lung cancer in nonsmokers … cover counseling for quitting smoking or medications to help quit. People who have … insurance. The Texas hotline to quit smoking is also funded $0.58 …

  • What Happens to Your Body When You Finally Quit Smoking: A Complete Guide 28 Jan 2023 23:23 GMT

    … of lung cancer decreases by half within ten years of quitting smoking, and … Continuing to Smoke? Smoking poses many serious health risks, including lung cancer, emphysema, … and heart disease. Additionally, smoking can cause …

  • MIT researchers develop AI model to detect future lung cancer risk 27 Jan 2023 14:09 GMT

    … Memorial Hospital (CGMH). Lung cancer is the leading cause … . However, symptoms of lung cancer usually do not appear … of smoking, who either currently smoke or have quit smoking within … CGMH. The programme predicted lung cancer within six years with …

  • Aria Community Health Center offers new resources to help patients quit smoking 27 Jan 2023 01:21 GMT

    … people who want to quit smoking. California has made progress … of lung cancer, which we know smoking is a risk for lung cancer.… those that are trying to quit smoking," she said. … support and guidance needed to quit smoking. "The patient will …

  • Test your home (or school) for radon to reduce lung cancer risk 26 Jan 2023 17:30 GMT

    … the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.  This year the Pennsylvania … Nixon. A non-smoker, Nixon believes the lung cancer she was diagnosed with … . That’s something we hear quite a bit, which is not …

  • Opinion: Far too few people get screened for lung cancer. Here’s when and why you should. 25 Jan 2023 22:57 GMT

    … should be getting screened for lung cancer. Sadly, despite the … tobacco smoker, then you are at high risk of lung cancer and … be a motivator to quit smoking, which has great benefits … to raise awareness about lung cancer screening programs. Sharp Grossmont …

  • In the Shadow of JSOC 01 Feb 2023 01:49 GMT

    … . He loved us …  just not quite enough to want to be … , when he was diagnosed with lung cancer, it shouldn’t have surprised … school of the lungs of smokers, the risk of cancer, and … and begged dad to stop smoking. I’d throw away his …

  • Lung cancer, free screening to «Pope John»: registrations are underway 25 Jan 2023 11:45 GMT

    … of lung cancer . Subjects between the ages of 55 and 75, heavy smokers … or who have quit for less than 15 … achieving an early diagnosis of lung cancer. The project, promoted by the …

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