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    • Lingen Nuclear Power Plant

Lingen Nuclear Power Plant Newsletter
  • Why EU sanctions don't include Russian nuclear industry 19 Jul 2023 10:17 GMT

    … uranium enrichment capacity, delivering atomic fuel to nuclear power plants in several countries, including … town of Lingen where it is planning to manufacture nuclear fuel … construction of two more Russian nuclear reactors. Unsurprisingly, Hungary was once …

  • Germany has shut down its last three nuclear power plants, and some climate scientists are aghast 18 Apr 2023 19:19 GMT

    nuclear power plant. The era of commercial power generation with nuclear power plantsLingen: View of the defunct cooling tower of the Emsland nuclear power plant … of nuclear power plants: Climate change. Generating electricity with nuclear reactors does …

  • RWE : Era comes to an end as RWE shuts down last nuclear power plant 16 Apr 2023 06:44 GMT

    … Emsland nuclear power plant in Lingen in Lower Saxony - one of three remaining nuclear power plants … success story. Our last nuclear power plant in Lingen alone generated electricity safe and … of the first measures, the reactor pressure vessel will be opened …

  • Atomic 'angst' over? Germany closes last nuclear power plants 15 Apr 2023 09:18 GMT

    … the entrance to the nuclear power plant Emsland in Lingen, western Germany. … its green ambitions without atomic power despite the energy … on its last three nuclear power stations by Saturday, ending a … extending the lifespan of reactors or connecting old plants …

  • Lindner regrets rejection of reserve operation of nuclear power plants 12 Apr 2023 16:04 GMT

    … quot; However, keeping the reactors in reserve, starting them up … be ordered and the Atomic Energy Act would have … amended. "By the Atomic Energy Act, the legislature has … operator of the Emsland nuclear power plant in Lingen strikes similar tones. …

  • Anti-nuclear activists demonstrate at Emsland nuclear power plant 29 Jan 2023 14:05 GMT

    … Emsland nuclear power plant in Lingen against the continued operation of the remaining nuclear power plants. According … the access gate to the nuclear power plant with a "non- … Isar 2 and Neckarwestheim 2 nuclear power plants are still in operation in …

  • Anti-nuclear activists cheer closure of Germany’s last nuclear reactors 19 Apr 2023 02:36 GMT

    … organized celebrations on Sunday in Lingen, Neckarwestheim, and Munich. German left … posed by operational and dysfunctional nuclear reactors in adjacent countries.  On April … to celebrate. The last remaining Atomic Power Plants (AKWs) will be shut down …

  • Germany No Longer Uses Nuclear Energy, After Closing Its Last Three Plants 18 Apr 2023 06:03 GMT

    … : Getty ImagesThe Emsland nuclear power plant on the day the … near Lingen, Germany. Germany no longer uses nuclear energy after … decades of controversially using nuclear energy, Germany closed its … is nuclear energy bad? Pro-nuclear folk claim nuclear energy …

  • Germany bids adieu to nuclear power era 17 Apr 2023 14:22 GMT

    … has closed its last three nuclear reactors and aims to expedite the … the closure of the Emsland nuclear power plant in Lingen, Lower Saxony, after 35 … of the first measures, the reactor pressure vessel will be opened …

  • German town bids farewell to nuclear, eyes hydrogen future 14 Apr 2023 07:15 GMT

    nuclear power plant in northwestern Germany has reliably provided millions of… LINGEN … . “The Emsland nuclear power plant has indeed contributed … Japan’s Fukushima atomic power plant in 2011, when … that process nuclear fuel for reactors elsewhere in …

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