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    • JPY As Reserve Currency

JPY As Reserve Currency Newsletter
  • U.S. dollar sinks as Trump tweets stoke intervention fears 23 Aug 2019 19:33 GMT

    … fell 1% against the Japanese yen USDJPY, -1.05%  to trade … status as a safe haven reserve currency used in a majority of …

  • USD/JPY Downside Risk Heightens 12 Aug 2019 09:36 GMT

    … a flight to the Japanese yen. The yen apparently continues to prove … to be viewed as a reserve currency of sorts among Asian countries … is that the USD/JPY decline continued unabated, while … . If the USD/JPY pair strengthens considerably, it could …

  • Pepe Escobar: Process to End US Dollar as World Reserve Currency Long, But Has Already Started 30 Jul 2019 06:33 GMT

    … End US Dollar as World Reserve Currency Long, But Has Already … US Dollar as the world reserve currency. Speaking in an exclusive … the Dollar as the world reserve currency”. Pepe Escobar is a … currencies which includes the Euro, Yen and Yuan. But strategic …

  • Ex-Reagan Official: Dollar's Reserve Currency Role at Risk as Nations Turn to Domestic Currencies, Gold 06 Jul 2019 17:46 GMT

    … dollar's major reserve currency status which allowed the US … the British pound, the Japanese yen, is rigged within a narrow … currencies.  The US dollar’s reserve currency role is in jeopardy, … the dollar’s role as reserve currency shrinks, so does the …

  • USD Reserve Currency Status Eroding Slowly But Surely 04 Jul 2019 03:19 GMT

    … as the world’s reserve currency. More such arrangements may … the euro, renminbi or yen be next? Central banks … role as a global reserve currency diminishes when central banks … our reserve currency status. QUARTZ reported on the history of reserve currencies

  • USD Devaluation - A Logical, But Likely Ineffective, Next Step 22 Aug 2019 13:46 GMT

    … ;s status as a global reserve currency means intervention will need to … the USD against the Japanese Yen and the Deutschmark via the … it is, after all, the reserve currency. The USD’s average daily …

  • The U.S. Dollar - King Of Currencies, If That Means Much These Days 22 Aug 2019 10:15 GMT

    … US dollar is still the reserve currency of the world because … the euro and the yen also have reserve currency status, the dollar … the world's reserve currency makes it the benchmark pricing … US dollar is the only reserve currency that provides a yield, …

  • The USD Dominates Global Flows 20 Aug 2019 11:16 GMT

    … default, the world's reserve currency still the best destination to … . Last but not least, the Yen and the Swissy have traded … back into bearish territory. The Yen and Swissy have so far … better, the retracement in the Yen index has come on a …

  • U.S. Dollar Status As Global Reserve Currency Edges Down Further 02 Apr 2019 11:45 GMT

    … 7% Euro: 20.7% Japanese yen: 5.2% UK pound sterling … the battle among the lesser reserve currencies (without the dollar and the … Note the surge of the yen's share from 3 … the dollar is the largest reserve currency and largest international funding currency …

  • The Japanese Yen Attracts Safe Haven Buying 30 May 2019 10:45 GMT

    … , the Japanese yen continues to be a reserve currency, and during … The Invesco Currency Shares Japanese Yen Trust (FXY) replicates the … at best. The yen is a reserve currency like the euro … Invesco Currency Shares Japanese Yen Trust provides an alternative …

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