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    • Hendra Virus

Hendra Virus Newsletter
  • New Type of Hendra Virus Detected in Flying Foxes in Broad Region of Australia 16 Oct 2021 06:04 GMT

    … . Halpin said: "However, because Hendra Virus Genotype 2 is so genetically … risk of infection from Hendra virus and other zoonotic viruses through vaccination of … for horses showing signs of Hendra virus disease. Related Article: Deadly Zoonotic …

  • New Hendra virus variant confirmed in flying foxes across Australia 14 Oct 2021 03:14 GMT

    … foxes do not spread the virus to humans and there have … there was a vaccine for virus in horses, which had been … a horse get infected with Hendra outside of the range of … has been published in the Virology Journal.

  • Hendra virus confirmed in flying foxes in broad region of Australia 13 Oct 2021 20:05 GMT

    … most southern case of Hendra yet recorded. Hendra virus can be transmitted from … risk of infection from Hendra virus and other zoonotic viruses through vaccination of … -vets-a … entists/hendra-virus Citation: Hendra virus confirmed in flying foxes in …

  • New Hendra strain discovered in flying foxes across the nation 14 Oct 2021 04:38 GMT

    … similar to the original Hendra virus, there is a … we expect the existing Hendra virus vaccine for horses should … Cooke said. "Hendra virus remains a potentially fatal zoonotic … infection from Hendra virus and other zoonotic viruses through vaccination …

  • Horse put down as deadly Hendra virus marches south 08 Oct 2021 08:01 GMT

    … NSW as a result of Hendra virus  The Department of Primary Industries … are the main carriers of Hendra virus.(Supplied)Link to earlier … effective way to help manage Hendra virus disease. "As we… been no human deaths from Hendra virus in NSW. "Signs …

  • Nipah Virus Kills 12-Year-Old Boy In India, Raising Outbreak Concerns 07 Sep 2021 22:04 GMT

    … -a” in this Nipah Virus. The virus, which is a member … to be a dangerous virus. The virus has killed 40% to … surfaces. Therefore, a Nipah Virus epidemic could catch many countries … very similar genetically to the Hendra virus, another henipavirus that bats …

  • Rapid Hendra virus test lets vets check for deadly disease on the trot 20 Jul 2021 15:38 GMT

    … it has been cleared of Hendra. “This process gives us … them can avoid becoming exposed.” Hendra virus was named for the Brisbane … have been 7 cases of Hendra virus in humans, four of whom … developed for horses against the virus, however there is not currently …

  • Faster diagnosis of deadly Hendra virus in horses 20 Jul 2021 12:27 GMT

    … for decades. "Hendra virus kills humans and horses … Genie machine and associated Hendra virus LAMP kits will be … and faster diagnosis of suspected Hendra viruses cases." Citation: … Faster diagnosis of deadly Hendra virus in horses (2021, July …

  • China’s Obstruction of Virus Origin Investigation Gets Official American Support 02 Aug 2021 00:28 GMT

    … Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). The viruses included Machupo, Junin … Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, and Hendra, but this was not … Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever viruses. As that research continued … research that makes viruses more deadly and transmissible …

  • Virus alert for Brisbane Woolies, markets 30 Jun 2021 23:55 GMT

    … Close contact exposure sites: Virgin flight VA939 from Sydney to … 6.55am – 7.15am Hendra Post Office, Hendra, June 24, 7.10am … 15pm Merlo Coffee, Level 2, Virgin Food Court, Domestic Terminal, … 15pm Female toilets, left of Virgin Food Court, Domestic Terminal, …

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