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Fast Food & Health Newsletter
  • Juice bar chain opens second Liverpool ONE base  27 Sep 2023 11:36 GMT

    … credit: Grosvenor) A fast-food and juice bar chain has opened its second … new base will offer its health-centred menu including juices, coffee …

  • The Fast Food Chain with the Most Locations in Indiana 26 Sep 2023 23:52 GMT

    … these fast food chains in the state are the perfect mealfast food restaurants with the most locations in Indiana: 10. Domino's Pizza … : 350 1. Subway Fast Food Chain Subway Closed Over 1000 … cost of living, schools, health care, recreation, and weather …

  • Unions, governor and fast-food industry agree to a detente 26 Sep 2023 18:26 GMT

    … on the fast-food industry, starting with the notorious Fast Food Accountability and … over wages, hours, and health and safety standards for … raise the minimum wage for restaurant workers to $22 per … financial blow” to the fast-food industry in California. And …

  • Robotic revolution: Korean food tech firm automates fried chicken amid fast-food labor shortages 26 Sep 2023 13:13 GMT

    … “I can envision a restaurant where robots from a smart … approaches employed by American fast-food chains, entails additional labor demands … bring about improvements in health and safety standards in … them for less appetizing meals, they will consistently make …

  • Helsinki City's food services ensure hygiene and microbiological quality in fast food restaurants 26 Sep 2023 13:02 GMT

    In collaboration with the Environmental Health Services of Hyvinkää City, … Environmental Center, and the Environmental Health Services of Vantaa City, … microbiological quality of hamburger or sandwich fillings in fast-food restaurants and the cleanliness …

  • Researchers Warn: Contaminated Water Discovered in Fast-Food Soda Fountains 25 Sep 2023 18:27 GMT

    … , including soda fountains at fast-food restaurants. Their findings revealed that … from bulk dispensers and fast-food restaurants in the Eastern Coachella … soda fountains at fast-food restaurants. Credit: Loma Linda University Health Research Methodology …

  • Experts Say Robots Might Take Your Restaurant Job — And Sooner Than You Think 26 Sep 2023 13:47 GMT

    … a handful of stores. Fast food restaurants don’t employ people for … a robot employed by the hamburger chain White Castle, operates the … stores. And New Jersey chain Pizza HQ uses robots to … not be economically sustainable.” A health club, for example, might …

  • Cargill drives sustainable agricultural supply chain growth 26 Sep 2023 10:11 GMT

    … link in the supply chain.  Sustainability being a core … the world’s largest global fast-food chains, McDonald’s, Cargill … . Partnering with the Soil Health Institute (SHI), the company … Leaders, Procurement & Supply Chain Leaders, Technology & AI …

  • The Taste With Vir: Why is obesity a major public health problem now? 26 Sep 2023 05:12 GMT

    … are wheat-on-a-plate. Hamburgers are all about bread: … many of America’s public health problems. The theory went … immensely popular industry (fast food) that relies on unhealthy quantities of wheat … eat industrial bread, ready-meals, mass-produced cheese or …

  • Big Hedge Fund Bets on Oil and Fast Food 24 Sep 2023 12:10 GMT

    … oil and fast food, while selling out of a drugstore chain. Davidson Kempner … Mobil (ticker: XOM), Domino’s Pizza (DPZ), and Coca-Cola ( … exited an investment in CVS Health (CVS) in the second … a pandemic craze for ordering pizza delivery slipped away. Shares …

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