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    • Francois Hollande Taxes

Francois Hollande Taxes Newsletter
  • A European Home for Ukraine: Perspectives on the EU’s Enlargement Challenge from Berlin, Paris, and Warsaw  27 Sep 2023 13:43 GMT

    … decisions on foreign policy and taxes. In May 2023, Scholz repeated … , relations were rather cold under François Hollande, who had to cancel the …

  • 'If others challenge him, he will take them on': French President Emmanuel Macron's unshakable self-belief 26 Sep 2023 21:31 GMT

    … -General under then-French president François Hollande. In 2014, he resigned … Macron's planned carbon tax. During 2022, there were protests … #39;s absolutely reduced the tax burden. He's … #39;s eliminated the property tax on the principal residence. He …

  • Key points of President Macron’s TV interview last night 25 Sep 2023 12:04 GMT

    … the price of petrol is tax, Mr Macron says price … his control and the high tax is necessary for the transition … government has eliminated €60billion in taxes including the ending of the … previously been a minister under François Hollande - are any of his …

  • Will Macron be forced to break his pledge and raise taxes? 26 Jun 2023 07:01 GMT

    … motorway toll companies, ‘windfall taxes’ on excessive profits, … the socialist presidency of François Hollande. Emmanuel Macron pledged to … tax regime is cited as the cause. Raising taxes … high corporation and individual taxes, but also their unpredictability …

  • French still critical of taxes, but less so than before 20 Jun 2023 08:14 GMT

    … Moscovici, characterizing the tax hikes of the Francois Hollande presidency, which … (for 73% of respondents, taxes are "badly used… perception of certain taxes, such as inheritance tax, which 74% … to the assertion "taxes are falling for the richest …

  • Kering's sleight of hand to reduce its executives' tax bill 29 May 2023 14:54 GMT

    … The reinforcement of the wealth tax, the introduction of a … urgently to protect him from François Hollande's "restrictive … while escaping the French wealth tax. To optimize his " … businessman remained a French tax resident and kept his holdings …

  • France considers £130bn ‘green tax’ on the super-rich to meet net zero 23 May 2023 18:45 GMT

    … wingers by scrapping the wealth tax (the impot sur la … fled when Francois Hollande, his predecessor, imposed a 75 per cent tax on … campaign, pledging not to raise taxes. However, the report suggested that … to pay an exceptional green tax for France to succeed …

  • France struggles to end ‘whatever it takes’ economics 21 Sep 2023 13:59 GMT

    … s government trademark. Having excluded tax increases, Le Maire is … don't want a tax increase, but also that … office under Macron’s predecessor François Hollande, the government has put itself … is now refusing to raise taxes for ideological reasons. “The …

  • How art is a 'tax haven' for the wealthy in France 07 Mar 2023 09:49 GMT

    … out by officials from the tax fraud investigations office the … estate and thus the inheritance taxes that goes with it. … wealth tax as it now is. “Even under [President] François Hollande I … in staffing levels inside the tax inspectorate at the Direction …

  • 'No tax increases:' Macron's dogma challenged 25 Feb 2023 09:11 GMT

    … alternative but to increase taxes," François Hollande told weekly Challenges on … social contribution (CSG) – a tax created in 1990 to fund … system – closer together and tax dividends and capital gains on … who say a good tax is a tax removed," François …

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