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    • Dental Fluorosis

Dental Fluorosis Newsletter
  • The 7 things your teeth can tell you about your health – and when to panic 23 Sep 2023 12:14 GMT

    … definitely worth speaking to your dentist, Nyree said. This is … suggested you get regular dental cleanings with your local hygienist … by fluorosis – an overexposure of fluoride to the teeth - … cause further complications such as tooth loss," she went …

  • How Cosmetic Dentistry Services at Royal East Dental Can Help 21 Sep 2023 11:13 GMT

    … with Cosmetic Dentistry Services? Cosmetic dentistry is a fairly popular dental service today … intrinsic stains by birth Teeth with fluorosis stains Tooth deformities from childhood Any …

  • QuickCheck: Should you avoid rinsing your mouth after brushing your teeth? 21 Sep 2023 01:53 GMT

    … toothpaste, which helps prevent tooth decay, will remain in … mouthwash after brushing your teeth either. The fluoride in … can lead to dental fluorosis (brown spots on teeth) in children, which … to floss before brushing your teeth! References: https:/…

  • Hundreds of Nottingham children getting teeth pulled out in hospital amid fluoride water call 12 Sep 2023 15:21 GMT

    … 39;s teeth develop, fluoride provides added resistance within the tooth structures … protects against tooth decay by stimulating remineralisation, thus making teeth more … some opponents raising concerns over dental fluorosis, a brown discolouration which can …

  • Restore Dental Serves Communities in Uganda Through High-Quality Dental Care 06 Sep 2023 21:45 GMT

    … increased prevalence of dental caries, gum disease, and fluorosis. Because so many … to restore decayed and damaged teeth with dental fillings and even treat … the way their patients experience dentistry. Compassionate, comprehensive service and meaningful …

  • Los Angeles Holistic Dentist Demands Poisonous Fluoride Be Removed From Water 21 Aug 2023 19:53 GMT

    … highly acclaimed Los Angeles holistic dentist. “We cannot keep … fluoridated water. The dental literature confirms tooth decay has diminished at … clinical signs of skeletal fluorosis over just 10-20 … , DDS. Leading LA Holistic Dentist Demands: “No More Fluoride …

  • You might think you take good care of your teeth. But do you really? 14 Aug 2023 00:14 GMT

    … , and can lead to fluorosis, which causes discolouration. Creeper … colonies, cleaning between your teeth and brushing means more … disease and your dental professional cleans your teeth and shows you … more water, seeing the dentist once a year and ditching …

  • Doc, what causes stained teeth and is there any cure? 08 Aug 2023 03:00 GMT

    … , then the teeth may be affected, which is called fluorosis, causing change … after brushing teeth. In addition, children should have regular dental visits, beginning … be seen by a dentist. There are different tooth whitening procedures that …

  • Madhya Pradesh: 46 Kids Found Affected By Dental Fluorosis During Camp In Dhar 31 Jul 2023 18:46 GMT

    … organised under the National Fluorosis Prevention Control Programme. During … was concluded by district fluorosis consultant Dr MD Bharti, … were found affected by dental fluorosis. The urine sample of … sent to the district fluorosis lab (District Hospital). …

  • Eleven tips to treat white spots on teeth 14 Jul 2023 07:20 GMT

    … spots on the teeth. A common cause is dental fluorosis. People usually get … tooth decay. 5. Composite resin. For people with enamel hypoplasia, a dentist … to have tooth pain, they should see their dentist. A dentist can evaluate …

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