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    • NRA David Keene

NRA David Keene Newsletter
  • National Rifle Association alive and thriving, 5 million members strong 25 Apr 2023 22:31 GMT

    … the demise of the National Rifle Association must have been shocked … years, vendors sold more guns, gear and hunting trips … destroy the NRA. To accomplish this, she has weaponized her office … strategy isn’t working. • David Keene is editor-at-large at …

  • The Secret History of Gun Rights: How Lawmakers Armed the N.R.A. 30 Jul 2023 07:09 GMT

    … board member of the National Rifle Association is irreconcilable.” John … Mr. Dingell, said David Keene, a longtime board member … certain semiautomatic rifles classified as assault weapons. He opposed … and marketing guns used in violent crimes. Gun control …

  • Buzz: NRA back stronger, Marines pay tribute to chaplains, Chris Plante now on Newsmax 08 May 2023 15:07 GMT

    The National Rifle Association has suffered through some … 5 million members. “The NRA signed up more new members … previous years, vendors sold more guns, gear, and hunting trips … the three-day gathering,” former NRA President David Keene said. … SEE THE …

  • No evidence that guns for self-defense lead to crime 11 Apr 2023 19:17 GMT

    … radical pro-gun nut in thrall to the National Rifle Association who, along … . Hammer led a successful NRA campaign to persuade other states … of guns leads to crime and violence. They blame the weapon, … , they’d follow suit. • David Keene is editor-at-large at …

  • American icon: The gun that divides a nation 29 Mar 2023 16:08 GMT

    National Rifle Association and other industry allies were focused on promoting traditional rifles … among new gun owners to personalize their weapons with … two-thirds of these guns have been made … the left." David Keene, who was the NRA's president …

  • The Ad Industry’s Plan to Fix America’s Gun Crisis 11 Nov 2022 12:11 GMT

    … Hollywood can’t quit guns The gun lobby isn’t … campaign, inviting former NRA President David Keene to deliver an address … is incredibly difficult with gun-violence prevention,” Nudd told … research. By comparison, gun-violence-prevention organizers operate …

  • “NRA Children’s Museum” Visits Ted Cruz’s House to Protest Gun Violence 21 Jul 2022 23:04 GMT

    … seeks to reduce the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) influence in American politics … parents tricked David Keene, the ex-president of the NRA, into … assault rifles or raise the age requirement for gun purchasers: … as tough as guns.” But the gun lobby, made up …

  • Modern Conservatism Was Born on College Campuses. So Why Does the GOP Hate Them? 04 Sep 2023 13:20 GMT

    … , David Keene — who went on to become the president of the NRA — as … campus wars, they started carrying guns, they could make arrests and …

  • Red-flag gun control laws raise red flags 15 Jun 2022 18:46 GMT

    … I was asked as an NRA officer if there were any … circumstances where the NRA or other pro-Second … to confiscate the accused’s guns without anything resembling due process … their anti-gun colleagues to claim they’ve “done something.”  • David Keene is …

  • Allen West launches bid to replace NRA's Wayne LaPierre, ignites bitter feud within gun group 09 May 2022 21:23 GMT

    … announced he was challenging National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne … to take on the gun group’s longtime leader … the annual meeting,” said NRA President David Keene, who is an … increasingly is not just gun country but permitless concealed …

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