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Coartem Newsletter
  • Nurses were asleep while I experienced panic attack at COVID-19 treatment centre 01 Sep 2021 07:16 GMT

    … self-medicating but after taking the dose of his malaria drug through the … Ghana terms. I treated it with Coartem (a malaria drug) for three days, as … another three days of my medicine. Then the situation deteriorated. It …

  • NDA closes 277 drug outlets for operating illegally 30 May 2021 08:21 GMT

    … operation, 567 drug outlets, 16 clinics, five pharmacies and 18 veterinary … of the 528 drug shops for human medicine were found to … trading in human and animal medicines. The team also arrested … Bugiri town council, Coartem from Yamwe drug shop in Kayunga and …

  • Health Ministry to change treatment protocol for severe malaria 05 Dec 2020 00:52 GMT

    … a first line drug for patients being treated for severe malaria. Currently, persons … diagnosed with severe malaria are treated with … common brand names such as coartem and lumarteme. A complete dose …

  • Patients groan as forex scarcity, port congestion jack up drug prices 28 Dec 2020 08:06 GMT

    … . At a pharmacy in Costain, a branded pack of Coartem and Lonart … brand of omeprazole for ulcer treatment increased by 100 percent; ciprofloxacin … the daily medications for hypertension, diabetes as well as malaria drugs and antibiotics …

  • Major health crisis looms as prices of drugs soar 30 Nov 2020 07:44 GMT

    … from shortage of lifesaving drugs – Medical experts By AYOOLA OLAOLUWA … drugs for malaria, as well as prescription drugs for the treatment … from N650 in February; Coartem- Double strength (80… the Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Sector of the Manufacturer …

  • Lumartem, Coartem… anti-malaria drugs at risk as Rwanda records first resistant parasites - TheCable 08 Aug 2020 14:48 GMT

    … . Common anti-malaria drugs in Nigeria made up of artemisinin include: Coartem (Artemether … the development, Olusegun Ojetola, a medical doctor in Nigeria, said artemisinin … , ACT remains the only treatment for malaria so if resistance starts showing …

  • Ndorwa East NRM Chairperson Donates Medical Equipment worth UGX72m 15 Jul 2020 14:41 GMT

    drugs like Amoxicillin, Omeprazole, Paracetamol, Diclofenac, Coartem, Folic Acid, among many other medicines … common illnesses and diseases like malaria. Bekunda said that the donation … to access same medicines from hospitals and pharmacies shall be addressed …

  • COVID-19 crisis deepens as prices of drugs soar 07 Jun 2020 20:39 GMT

    … financial muscle to purchase drugs to treat their various ailments, … cost of their drugs, forcing medical experts to predict … who visited several pharmacies and drug stores in Lagos … single strength Coartem (20/120) is N600. Anti-malaria drug, Lonart …

  • A focal point for malaria should be added to the National COVID-19 task force 17 May 2020 06:58 GMT

    … Chloroquine to treat cases of the disease but these drugs have not … . vivax malaria cases and of Coartem (Artemether-Lumefantrine) and Primaquine for treatment of … have serious underlying medical conditions, inter alia, persons on treatment for cancer …

  • Covid-19: Let’s not forget about malaria 10 May 2020 05:32 GMT

    malaria parasite (microscopy). Treatment Treatment depends on whether the malaria … . Uncomplicated falciparum malaria requires Coartem, a combination … Surprisingly, very few pharmacies have Artesunate in stock … Marisa is a medical practitioner, an educationist …

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