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China Nuclear Weapons Newsletter
  • Chinese Missiles Could Cripple US Asia-Pacific Forces as Washington Loses Military Primacy - Report 19 Aug 2019 13:09 GMT

    … of long-range cruise missiles, allowing Beijing launch precision strikes from … (@CollinSLKoh) August 12, 2019 China’s DF-21D “carrier killer … pulled out of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty on 2 … whether they would host US weapons on their soil. US …

  • Scholars point to change in India’s nuclear policy 19 Aug 2019 04:19 GMT

    … ‘no first use’ policy on nuclear weapons is irresponsible: foreign minister The … increase in delivery systems and warheads. Most of these comments appeared … First Use’ nuclear attack policy. Implications and fallout for Pakistan, China, security …

  • Unreported: China’s exploitation of U.S.-Iran showdown in the Gulf 19 Aug 2019 02:00 GMT

    … the Saudi-Gulf States camp. Chinese supreme leader Xi Jinping with … .S., and reach out to Beijing to provide a substitute strategic … ’ worth of U.S.-made weapons; and paying cash on-time … to Iran’s right to nuclear enrichment and everything related to …

  • McFeatters: History seems to be repeating in Russia, China 18 Aug 2019 20:59 GMT

    … Hong Kong, a huge Chinese military presence is threatening to … at Tiananmen Square in Beijing when military tanks fired … cruise missile with a conventional warhead powered by an onboard nuclear … protectorate now controlled by China, demands by protesters for …

  • Chinese, North Korean defence officials meet in Beijing 18 Aug 2019 16:23 GMT

    … new weapon, seen as an attempt to pressure Washington and Seoul. Beijingweapon, seen as an attempt to pressure Washington and Seoul over nuclear … regional peace and stability." China is North Korea's …

  • Russia Says Will Not Deploy New Missiles If U.S. Does The Same 18 Aug 2019 15:20 GMT

    … the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty … intermediate-range, land-based nuclear missiles following the demise of the … to 12 short-range nuclear missiles and of flying 12 … reduce all nuclear forces, and possibly involve China as well. …

  • Pakistan PM Imran Khan ‘Warns’ World Of India’s Nuclear Arsenal 18 Aug 2019 12:58 GMT

    … use' policy regarding nuclear weapons, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan … of India's nuclear arsenal in the control of … use' policy regarding nuclear weapons, the future policy would depend … the insistence of Pakistan and China. Parts of Jammu and …

  • Why Putin’s Nuclear-Powered Superweapon Went Up in Smoke 18 Aug 2019 12:13 GMT

    … speeds. Insofar as strategic nuclear weaponry is concerned, hypersonic projectiles … treaty, having seen the Chinese missile arsenal grow - and the … if I’m sitting in Beijing, there’s no reason … START for deployed strategic warheads, China’s total would likely …

  • With failure of arms treaty, powers risk new missile race 18 Aug 2019 11:28 GMT

    … a new tripartite agreement including Beijing. But Chinese officials were quick to … 1,550 deployed large strategic nuclear warheads capable of wiping out a … “tactical” nuclear weapons. Last year, he said, China launched more ballistic missile tests than …

  • North Korea, China generals meet in Beijing 18 Aug 2019 11:48 GMT

    BEIJING — Top military leaders from North Korea and China have recommitted … during a meeting in Beijing. The meeting Saturday came … weapon, seen as an attempt to pressure Washington and Seoul over nuclear … s Army. Zhang said China’s military wanted closer …

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