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    • Ireland Catholic Church Child Abuse

Ireland Catholic Church Child Abuse Newsletter
  • St. Michael's first Latino priest says he aims to keep church open 03 Dec 2021 14:53 GMT

    Church? Depends on who you speak to Child Victims Act:Child abuse survivors … #39;s Catholic community in 1981, then-Bishop Matthew Clark expressed … a dozen other Colombian priests to New York to … German, then Italian and Irish and now mostly Puerto Rican,…

  • The Horrors of Irish Magdalene Laundries, Revisited 30 Nov 2021 20:07 GMT

    … a small village in Ireland, just before Christmas in … were imprisoned, worked and abused, their children often taken from them … past decade have the Catholic Church and Irish society begun to confront … Away From Omelas,” this Ireland is a place whose cheeriness …

  • Survivors furious after disgraced bishop approached abuse inquiry 30 Nov 2021 19:35 GMT

    … been told disgraced former Catholic Bishop Charles Drennan is among … Alfred Byrne was an Irish orphan. Her mother Daphne … of $50,000 from the Catholic Church. By then, Shirres was … s sexual abuse scandal where priests preyed on dozens of children from the …

  • Why is Spain's Catholic Church refusing an independent investigation into sex abuse claims? 22 Nov 2021 16:24 GMT

    … figure 0.8% of priests guilty of such … Catholic Church insists any abuse is exceptional. On top of which, bishops … like Ireland’s Towards Healing.” So will Spain’s Catholic Church be … flagged up the child abuse within the local Catholic Archdiocese and says …

  • £26m paid out to Historical Institutional Abuse survivors 29 Nov 2021 17:20 GMT

    … of historical institutional abuse, Northern Ireland’s First Minister … Shepherd Sisters and the Irish Church Missions, have been … which examined allegations of child abuse at 22 residential institutions … state organisations across Northern Ireland over a 73- …

  • Review: Can one good person redeem a nation's shame? A novel explores Ireland's Laundries 29 Nov 2021 14:00 GMT

    … bookstores. The horrors of Ireland’s Magdalene Laundries have been … experienced everything from deprivation to abuse and death. In 1993, … cultural hold of the Roman Catholic Church. The Furlong family’s … Bill’s lonely, stilted childhood comes into play as the …

  • ANALYSIS: How Spain’s Catholic Church is under pressure to investigate child sex abuse claims 19 Nov 2021 18:09 GMT

    … but Spain’s Catholic Church ignores demands from sexual abuse victims to … the plunge include Belgium, Ireland and Germany with the US … the National Association of Stolen Childhood (ANIR) said in a … or sexual abuse at the hands of its Catholic priests were pre …

  • Street children: Catholic priests raise the alarm with movie 28 Nov 2021 04:26 GMT

    … to Nigerian Salesian priest presently serving in Dublin, Ireland, Rev. Father Cyril … issues such as violence, sexual abuse, trafficking and crime. “ Missionaries on … streets of homeless children. “We are missionaries in the Catholic Church and we …

  • Gerry Adams on The Troubles, nature, friendship, religion and a United Ireland 27 Nov 2021 12:04 GMT

    … the most polarizing figures in Ireland seem like a bookish … , betrayal, suicide and sexual abuse, and one follows an IRA … the way in which the Catholic Church frequently condemned republicans during The … elderly woman upbraids a new priest who has just given …

  • Being anti-Catholic is okay here in Ireland 24 Nov 2021 23:16 GMT

    … of them suffering emotional abuse in often appalling conditions. … nuance required. Take the Irish Labour Party’s education … Catholic Church, which he wants to remove from managing schools in Ireland … that negatively impacted on childcare and families. The truth …

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