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    • Cancer & Tobacco

Cancer & Tobacco Newsletter
  • 'Dog and pony show': Veterans struggle to obtain cancer benefits one year after massive burn pit legislation 01 Oct 2023 10:40 GMT

    … much of the thick black smoke billowing from burn pits near … oropharyngeal cancer is due solely to your extensive use of tobacco,… to lifestyle factors" like tobacco use. The department is processing … didn't see the smoke from nearby burn pits for …

  • The 6 surprising foods that contain nicotine – and could help you quit smoking 01 Oct 2023 10:19 GMT

    … the smoking habit. A study published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco … Research of 1,000 smokers found that those … Cancer Society, spicy and sugary foods tend to make people crave cigarettes

  • Baranyai: Tobacco firms may have made food addictive, too 01 Oct 2023 06:01 GMT

    … a research report analyzing how tobacco companies – those upstanding corporations … 1954, the tobacco industry published “A frank statement to cigarette smokers,” a national … in new scientific evidence showing smoking caused cancer in rats. Advertisement 3 …

  • U.S. Rep. Glenn Ivey: Bridging the gap…cancer prevention 01 Oct 2023 03:14 GMT

    … about the risks associated with tobacco use, poor diet, and … about the dangers of smoking, the benefits of a … discrimination that can contribute to cancer risk. Providing resources for … Ultimately, the fight against cancer in at-risk communities requires …

  • Sounding off: Flag, Fetterman, secondhand smoke among week's topics 30 Sep 2023 13:14 GMT

    … doesn’t include e-cigarette devices that are being … across the commonwealth still allow smoking indoors. This means thousands … carcinogens and toxins of secondhand smoke. Research consistently tells us: … ways that “set the cancer process in motion.” Imagine …

  • These early symptoms of mouth cancer can take a big form 30 Sep 2023 10:56 GMT

    … of the risks associated with smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, it … primary risk factors for mouth cancer include tobacco use, heavy alcohol consumption … developing mouth cancer, consider the following: Quit Smoking: If you smoke, quitting is …

  • Love Island's Malin Andersson quits smoking and reveals effect of losing 'crutch' habit 30 Sep 2023 08:56 GMT

    … people quit smoking, she tells the Daily Star ditching cigarettes has made … became a habit.” Eventually smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day, the … lost both her parents to cancer. “It helped massively,” she says …

  • Nagaland: Socially tolerated tobacco use sparks concern 30 Sep 2023 04:20 GMT

    … quid with tobacco (17.5%); khaini (10.1%); bidi & cigarette (9 … .3% tobacco users, 39% smokeless users; 13.2% smokers. There are 358 tobacco free … driving the high prevalence of cancer in Nagaland?  Like this: Like …

  • Vaping is no better than smoking 29 Sep 2023 17:30 GMT

    … whom 51 million will be smoking combustible tobacco by the year 2025 … are cancer-causing hence its critical for one to even start smoking … it as lighter than a tobacco cigarette burner which contains too much …

  • Smoking-related cancers are declining in NYC, but vaping and e-cigs raise concerns 29 Sep 2023 13:27 GMT

    … lung cancer, oral cancer, esophageal cancer and laryngeal cancer are most closely connected. Smoking-related … all cancer diagnoses and deaths across the state. They also gauged smoking … reported that they used e-cigarettes. Vaporized tobacco comes with its own …

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