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    • Air Pollution & Lung Cancer

Air Pollution & Lung Cancer Newsletter
  • Aclima: Hyperlocal Air Pollution Monitoring 01 Feb 2023 00:55 GMT

    … cancer (including lung cancer). It is also recognized that air pollution can exacerbate the … disease, and lung cancer are due to air pollution exposure. In Europe, air pollution is the …

  • How common is lung cancer? 30 Jan 2023 12:24 GMT

    … statistics for lung cancer, the prevalence of different types of lung cancer, lung cancer risk … all lung cancer deaths in the U.S. may be due to air pollution … . This section answers some frequently asked questions about how common lung cancer

  • The EPA is cracking down on air pollution. Will Augusta meet the mark? 28 Jan 2023 20:34 GMT

    … that the current standard for air pollution in the U.S., … 5 — the tiniest pieces of air pollution — that have the worst … annually tops the list for air pollution. Based on EPA air monitoring … cancers such as skin cancers, lung cancers and head and neck cancers …

  • Electric Vehicles And The Environment: Good, Bad, Or Indifferent?  30 Jan 2023 15:39 GMT

    … typically used to compare ambient air pollution effects of particulate matter - … : 10.1029/2020GH000275 [2] Air pollution references         Traffic-related PM2.5 … mortality from cardiopulmonary disease and lung cancer. Environment International DOI: 10. …

  • Cancer risk factors to avoid 29 Jan 2023 08:52 GMT

    … been estimated that outdoor air pollution contributed to 4. … of which 6% were lung cancer deaths. Additionally, close … illnesses attributable to household air pollution from cooking with solid … are causally related to lung cancer, mesothelioma, and bladder …

  • The breathtaking state of truck pollution in Melbourne’s west 29 Jan 2023 08:45 GMT

    … lung disease, pregnant people.” Air pollution is complex, but its … in the development of lung cancer over many years of … asthma. Children exposed to air pollution are at risk of diminished … per year are attributed to air pollution in Australia, according to …

  • London Underground: Woman tests pollution levels on train lines and the results are disturbing 28 Jan 2023 16:38 GMT

    … found long-term exposure to air pollution can cause chronic conditions such … respiratory diseases as well as lung cancer, leading to reduced life expectancy … provides routes with the lowest air pollution,” she told the Guardian in …

  • RIVERS: Redouble Environmental Justice Efforts 28 Jan 2023 00:45 GMT

    … face the harshest consequences of air pollution. As Georgetown University students, we … be fatal. Disease rates for lung cancer, stroke and chronic obstructive pulmonary … the historically inequitable effects of air pollution across District wards. Moreover, …

  • Taiwan Is Retreating From Nuclear Energy. At What Cost? 27 Jan 2023 23:08 GMT

    … emergency worker who died of lung cancer a decade after the … plants contribute to the air pollution that affects the health … Gas-fired plants produce similar air pollution, albeit less of it. … a means of cutting deadly air pollution. But the capital city …

  • BC Cancer Agency halfway through cancer cluster investigation at elementary school 27 Jan 2023 20:01 GMT

    … exposures would more likely provoke lung cancer, said the cancer expert (in … cancer. For example, traffic-related air pollution is shown to increase the …

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